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  • arnaholder arnaholder Jan 3, 2014 4:16 PM Flag

    "Frog on a boiling pot"

    The longs here are like "frog on a boiling pot"...Frog doesn't realize the temperature of the boiling water and eventually dies without knowing it...It's similar story here.. Longs won't give up , they'd rather ride it to zero they won't realize it....
    I would rather wait for the good news to hit the market then fall for a pump and dump. If there's substantial good news i'd jump in that morning and still make good profit because this is OTC and you can't trade premarket..there'll be some gap up but if the news is really good the chances are i still end up with good profit if i jump in at 9:35 am or so...

    Why jump in during the pump and watch your money disappear slowly (-10% everyday for AMBS).

    Good luck.

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    • that makes you the #$%$ on the Griddle" assuming longs do not know how to buy in and trade also. or if they have not already made soo much money(and free shares) off the runs ( Multiple runs ) this stock has had and just keep adding to their positions to make more and more profit as the Day comes.... thats Right the Day... sit on the sideline waiting to jump in that DAY, thats your choice but do not generalize, cause you the #$%$ has no clue who is in this stock and how much money they have made on it or will make. GL2U Happy New Year AC

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • There is an alternative to watching what others do and then reacting. I am long on this company because I have done some research to the extent I am competent to do so and have concluded it is a risk but an one I will take. My sense is that shorters hide and watch for an error of a glitch and hope they can score to feel better. Kinda sad when you think of it. If you do not want to invest, then don't. I've had two concussions from football, not fun. I trust Gerold and his dad at this point. If I did not , I would not be here.I guess shorts motivatiion is scareing investors to get a few bucks. Really? Just think of how much better off we would be if you could add some value.

    • hahahah... basher loser...

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