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  • hard_bashing_like_the_hulk hard_bashing_like_the_hulk Feb 11, 2014 2:30 PM Flag

    HelperWatson Part Deaux

    I am shining the HelperWatson symbol into the sky to see if he will come out of the Watson bat cave to get his thoughts on the interesting rumor of IPXL hooking up with AMBS per what was tweeted by some guy who doesn't tweet much on twitter.

    So, Watson, what do you make of this curious little rumor?

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    • HB, There's no discussion or notation of this amongst the community or in any meetings I have been part of. I have said for a few weeks now that diabetes data is already updated by Saarma, plus another pivotal study is complete that Gerald just publicly referenced, cautiously in his presentation. He'll be releasing this soon and the data is going to be very promising. Keep in mind that MANF may suppress Islet "alleged death", we don't fully believe the Islet truly dies so to speak; however, it will not stop the root attack on the Pancreas. Mutations in HLA are my concern with this, Denise Faustman of Mass Gen seems to be the best partner in terms of an end game as BCG looks promising to stop this HLA mutation. Is this really relevant today, not so much, but important in the diabetes end game. I am in neuroscience, not in the endo realm, but am fascinated with diabetic research.

      Lympro deals overseas will be inked asap, I discussed this very recently regarding the direction of leveraging the platform through different hosts, such as BD, Quest, different agencies to gain different levels of income and speed to market. The EMEA is more favorable with different agencies and I don't see Amyvid as a contention-worthy player for their rising reimbursement cost.

      Consistent rumor is diabetes data sets any moment and Lympro info any moment. That is what I hear the most. I am confident several large cash players are now in Amarantus, watch the next few days and see how well it resists downward momentum. The first Lympro news will be the key everyone is seeking. I am eager for Gerald to do it, just as everyone else is. This is a game changer for many reasons. Extending the quality of your loved ones life in spite of horrific trauma ahead with advanced treatments will change the way we look at diseases of the brain.

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