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  • bothshallrow bothshallrow Feb 12, 2014 12:08 PM Flag



    Again, many mahalo's for all the very knowledgable contributions you bring to our MB. You mentioned back in late December that most likely a R/S of 6:1 would occur after a Lympro was inked (to get us to $3.00) for uplisting purposes. You still feel this way ?

    Aloha, Bsr

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    • No way Gerald up lists at only $3. Institutions don't like stocks less than $5 and you can't margin a $3 dollar stock. He will up list at $6 and so if we are trading at .,40 cents it will be a 1:15 RS. When a company has good things happening they don't need to worry about getting hurt by RS. I've lived through them before and come out fine.

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      • Risk, I am confident you know this, too. The primary objectives for implementing a reverse split are to enable the company to comply with NASDAQ's minimum bid price requirement of $1.00 per share, to reduce the number of shares outstanding to be more commensurate with the company's size and market capitalization and to reduce transaction costs for investors, and last, but not least, to open up to large institutions and investors with the $3 mandate. The marker is $3 for them, margin doesn't lend that big of an opportunity when you have a bio-fund at Fidelity restricting entry of 5m in capital until they meet their $3 min requirement. $3 is the industry standard, doesn't mean someone can't come in below, however, Gerald and all other companies out there know the ramifications of their EVP leaders from the bio-sector advising him on what to do. I have been in this position before and the money leads you, he will not split unless there's a conditional aspect of benefit, all can rest assured with that. With all of this said, the Lympro news has to come out first, or none of this is a consideration. AMBS has the timing perfect with the pipeline to execute a RS, just my opinion. Lympro news will force their valuation at 250-300m cap at the least in my opinion. On a side note, hope you and the family are hanging in there the best you can. God bless.

      • GC has said numerous times in the past that a R/S may not even be necessary. If he pulls the trigger on a 1/15 you would have to think he sees no possibility of up listing any other way.

      • holeinone1965 Feb 12, 2014 9:03 PM Flag

        50 million share left? To big of a R/S.... 2 or 3 max... I think he has two or three separate deals he is working on.... Just my opinion.

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      • I definitely don't think it will be that high. He said he would only do it into strength. 1:15 leaves very few shares outstanding.

    • I believe it's 1:6 as a reverse split.......and that would assume we are trading at .50.........seems very optimistic!


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