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  • jegfsu jegfsu Jul 2, 2014 1:20 AM Flag

    Of 'fluff' PR's, blogs, and missing data...

    The PR's that are being released are being called 'fluff' by many soft bashers on this board. How anyone can read these PR's and blogs and call genuine, positive research results on these extremely important chemicals 'fluff' is beyond me. These products generally take years of hard work, research, and testing before they are ready for formal presentation. Any preliminary results which are favorable should be shared with investors and the public at large. Would you really rather see your share price slowly erode from lack of news, or be continually shored up by real events? I've been a shareholder in companies which really put out 'fluff' PR's. The market is too savvy and recognizes those for what they are, and the share price is effected very negatively. These PR's have served to shore the SP up for the last couple of weeks, despite what fear mongers, flippers, and paid bashers here would have anyone believe.

    There are those that are criticizing the 'lack of hard data', as if by criticizing the studies, it totally invalidates the research cited. I believe our CEO is privy to much more information than any poster here. I believe that the lack of formal data presentation does not unsubstantiated the data being there. I can understand to some degree the thesis of wanting to see the actual results. I believe that is true due diligence and I applaud that. But to berate the CEO for not sharing the data with us is a bit impatient. If he stated that the data showed something, well, has Gerald been lying to us all along? Is this a massive scam like scamaratus would have us believe? Has Gerald shown a pretty good track record on delivering what he promised to?

    I believe that a lot of our questions will be answered by August 1st, and even more by October 1st. For those too impatient to wait- I suggest they have other agendas and are not true longs. Only the true longs haven't wavered in their support.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The one this morning is certainly not fluff.

    • For those new to this stock who wish to hold it for an investment opportunity, you will have to wade through a wide range of opinions and a lot of flat out BS to form a true opinion from this board, unfortunately. If you have the time, you can look back for weeks or months to find the posters here who genuinely show insight about this stock and those who serve only to flip or bash, trying to influence you in any way conceivable.
      Never base your decision on these message boards for there are true charlatans here. But if you really do your due diligence on this company, IMO, you will have found a true diamond in the rough. IMO, and in the opinion of many true longs here, this company may have the intellectual property for genuine life-altering chemicals. These have the potential to cure, not merely treat, diabetes or those at risk of developing diabetes, or Alzheimer's, and many more applications will be discovered in the future.

      You can believe those who are here to either flip this stock for a few dollars or ride it up for short-term gains and cash out. These people can't be faulted for their financial strategy, only by how they are attempting to achieve it. For those willing to hold their share and add on the dips- those are the ones who will be truly rewarded. No trader, no matter how savvy, will be able to time all these moves. They may time some, but not all. Best of luck to them, for they make the market what it is. But for those who are trying to so hard to bash this stock to sell it short, or scare investors out of their shares, I hope it truly backfires on them and they get their just desserts.

      The tactics don't seem to be effecting share price much right now, despite their best efforts. True longs are holding or adding to their stockpiles, God bless 'em!

      GLTA true longs here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • They don't have quantifiable information. Nice updates but without something to quantify and compare... The bashers that showed up just smelled the fluff and came running.

      You don't have to like it, it's just how it works.

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