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  • grizzly2314 grizzly2314 Jul 10, 2014 10:15 PM Flag

    Just out of curiousity...

    How old are most of you and when did you start investing/trading stocks? Are these your retirement accounts or do you have other 401K's, Mutual Funds, and etc...? Just curious.

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    • Never invest in 401k or IRA, create your own retirement plan.
      20 years lost 200k first 10 years, now that is what I expect to earn every quarter. Takes time to learn this game. Always have finger on short trigger.
      Use your gains to create free shares in stocks that have potential.
      Never forget the saying there, are bulls, bears and pigs. and pigs get slaughtered.
      Create brokerage accounts outside USA, for naked short selling, you have to play all sides in this game or you will get killed.
      Remember it is just business.

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      • I can't tell if this was satirical performance art, complete delusion, or a moronic diatribe by somebody trying to sound like a sophisticated investor on the internet. I'm guessing the answer lies somewhere between the last two. Given that the contribution limits to a qualified plan over the last 12 years totals 180k and for any 10 year period prior to 2001 could not exceed 85k, it would be impossible to accumulate enough contributions to generate earnings sufficient enough to allow for a 200k unless you are simultaneously the world's best investor and the world's worst investor. In essence the losses are attributed to your poor investment choices, not the investment vehicle.

        There are bulls, bears, and pigs. And anyone who has read your post is now dumber.

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    • kind of a personal quesiton(s)..
      however, it has been my observation following ambs boards.. we have a variety of investors both new to the markets and more sophisticated traders/investors.
      we should all be aware that there are sharks in these waters..

      btw.. ambs is the largest part of my speculative allocation.. I plan on putting some gains (some day) into my diversified health care fund.

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