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  • pierreluke77 pierreluke77 Jul 31, 2014 10:14 PM Flag

    RISKRETURN should apologize

    HI all,

    Riskreturn attacked Joseph Boggi when he spoke the truth and a few others.... the least he can do is apologize for leading so many astray... Unfortunately I have no doubt that he very well knew what Joseph was saying regarding the poor Lympros Poster 3 data of 80%, and he sold prior to yesterday shambles.... SHAME ON YOU!

    Hopefully AMBS investors sack Gerald and the company can move forward with MANF. However, prior to that , expect some more down days unfortunately. FOr me sell for now, but a buy in a few weeks time after is settles down. GLTA ( hope those without blinkers on listened and got out prior to yesterday).

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    • No apologies. It is antithetical to the very nature of the stock market. I actually am honest when I post, but if it's my opinion only. I believe Risk is a real person writing here and just sharing his enthusiasm for his beliefs. Thanks to the enthusiasm, I went all in around .03. But even at .09 or .14 his enthusiasm was justified (if I was flipping). We all need to remember to take more off the table, but greed is just too strong. I also was hoping for a life changing event today. But that doesn't mean anyone owes an apology. Especially because this particular CHAPTER isn't even finished. Let's not get hysterical, light our torches, and try to burn the witches and warlocks. We still don't know who is right or wrong yet. We only know there were PPS shenanigans. So far, that's it.

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      • You make a good point, but how many posters told the community to put Joseph Boggi on the IGNORE list for simply speaking the truth to the people who didn't have blinker on?
        All joseph was doing was interpreting the data which people chose to ignore.... and even chastised for it....

        Boggi was helping investors out... he still rates MANF if anyone bothered to read his posts.... issue it lying by the CEO ....

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    • He doesn't need to apologize. People should thank him for teaching a good lesson. Stocks don't go up over night just because we think they will. It's a game of probabilities.

    • Shameless shorts in the world. Good news? ...less shorts.

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