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  • josephanastasiw josephanastasiw Jan 22, 2014 2:15 PM Flag

    Trying to buy but can't

    I have been trying to buy a few hundred thousand shares of this at $0.0001 but every time it falls to that level it won't initiate my buy, what gives??

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    • there is little sellers @ the $.0001 price...only buyers...

    • No offense but you do not have a good understanding of the dynamics for how the process goes. Just because the last price is 0001 does not mean your order will initiate. If you want to get a guaranteed execution you need to buy at the asking price, otherwise you put out a limit order for your price and hope the market comes down to you and you get filled.

      First off you need to understand the bid and the asking price. The ask is side of the posted sellers and if you want to buy, you need to to pay the lowest current ask price. If you take all the shares at the lowest ask price, then the next highest asking price becomes the ask and in general the bid will go up though it doesn't necessarily have to.

      In the case of TADF, the bid is .0001 and the ask is .0002, so if you want to get in for sure you are paying .0002 and if you need to sell immediately then you're selling at .0001 and taking a 50% hit. That is what makes these .000x plays so risky. Now to go even deeper you can look at level 2 quotes and you can see the depth on each side.

      Right now the ask at .0002 has about 13 million shares for sale and the bid side has hundreds of millions being bidded on. So if someone wanted to try to sell at .0002 then they have those 13 million to contend with, but if someone now wants to try to buy at .0001 they have hundreds of millions to contend with. Unlike what most people may think, there really is no line and it's not first come first serve. So just because someone else had a bid in at 0001 before you doesn't mean that you can't get filled before them, it really is luck of the draw. Sometimes it will work in your favor, sometimes not. However your bid for a few hundred thousand of shares at .0001 is sitting in a pool of hundreds of millions of shares at 0001, so the odds of you getting filled right now are very very slim since there isn't many people selling at the bid.

      Make sense?

    • I had the same problem or at least I thought. When I did what you are trying, it took about a month to reach the top of the buy list.
      Make your buy "until cancelled", also make you shares at least 250,000 or similar so that you do not but, say 500 shares and pay a fee on a small purchase.
      Example 1: $9 fee for 500 shares = $.018 per share
      Example 3: $9 fee for 90,000 shares = $.0001 = total cost of $.0002 with .0001 purchase
      Example 2: $9 fee for 250,000 shares = $.000036

      Hope this helps

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