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  • thestupidpolice thestupidpolice Feb 5, 1998 9:28 AM Flag

    You're BUSTED for being too stupid

    As I read your posts 50 53 and 57, I have no choice but to arrest you for being stupid. Did you say 12 per share? That's a second charge of stupidity to your credit.

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    • Now lets keep this civil...(hey..I feel like someones mother or something).

      Roady could have very well been right had the oil price kept tanking..and it still might. It's this Iraq problem that is helping us out now.
      Roady based his estimate on a number of calculations and other indicators and they pointed to $12 (low in my opinion but
      hey..this forum is to display ALL opinions). As I indicated on my previous letters I go by more general info as a change here (ie the
      Hussain factor) can blow out all the calculations out of the water. The tricky thing is if nothing happens the calc's can be right.
      I just guessed that between Asia meltdown (too much worry on the effect it will have on resourses) Sadam and Precision's great
      profile and management something would come up.

      I'm not the net police or the moral majority so please don't flame me...I just would like too see more ideas and info from people posted here.


    • From what I know it's a fixed price. I remember seeing info about them raising prices in the future but I don't know if that is applicable anymore.
      As for the usual rules of drilling contracts.. I'm not sure. Anyone else know?

      Anyone know about the drilling industry in Venezuela? I heard PDS is looking to expand out of Cananda and this is where they are focusing.


    • Help me out a little here. They have contracts, OK. Are the contracts at a fixed price ( hopefully high ) are they subject to adjustment / renegotiation?? What is normal?

    • I agree with the sentiments expressed wishing an end to the name calling. As I look thru the posts, I find the roadrunner's responses to be particularly abraisive, even rude. Isn't it possible for people to express a point without having to deal with such nonsense?

      As for PDS, sound track record, beaten up by panic and nothing else, at or near its year lows, Stock buy backs, They have contracts for 3 years from my information, not one. 12 per share? Maybe, but I wouldn't put my money on it. 36 to 40 in the next 2 years would be a better bet.

    • I checked my research and discovered you are correct. They are booked solid until spring 1999. Sorry about that.

    • There's always one on every message board!

    • Hello, where did you hear that they have 3 years of contracts? My sources
      indicated contracts until early 1999. Hmm now I think of it I think it was mentioned
      that they are FULLY booked until early 1999...they still might have contracts
      after that.


    • Following up on the Novasun message dated 2/24/98,
      the stock of PDS is the most undervalued in the oil
      services universe, at 25.00 with projected earnings
      of $3.50 by December 1998.
      Fell sorry for those brainiacs that got left waiting
      for it to hit 12.00 for being greedy.

    • I've read all the posted messages for PDS, including #72 which is in response to yours. Based on that comment and his other comments with attitudes, ignore them. What's the point to answering them. It sounds like a bunch of little kids. It takes two to have an issue go on and on. Maybe it will go away.

    • I don't know if this is the right spot for it but I'll give it a shot. I think that long term oil/gas stocks are a great place to be invested. Besides PDS, I own shrs in 2 other smaller companies. Looking over a list of company stock buy backs, I came
      accross a company named ROYLE Energy/(ROYL). A nice little company like PDS that I plan to hold on to. But last night while
      I was checking out a newsletter, it mentioned 3 microcap mutual funds. I picked out one and checked out it's holdings. Number
      two by volume was Castle Energy(CECX). Selling for 13+, their book is over $14. After an expaned buy back from 2.5 mil, upped to
      3 million shares, their earnings could be about $2.60 a share, delcaring 60 cents for their latest quarter, today. They've
      been paying a 15 cent quarterly dividend for a short while (4.5%), and until I get the info they are sending me, I can't see too
      much I don't like about them, except for being a small cap and not too much daily volume. Only 4.7 million outstanding shares.
      Any comments out there about either.Anything would be appreciated.

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