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  • karmaisgood8 karmaisgood8 Dec 10, 2003 2:39 PM Flag

    The problem is ethical

    I agree with this surmisal.
    You know how JG and his cronies loves to give that BS speech about What if?
    Like what if we all had Joe's passion?
    What if we all worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
    What if we all sold our souls to Walmart for low profit margins and poorly made goods?

    You all know that speech...
    Anyway I have a new one...
    What if we stopped spending company money on first class flights and pricy hotels for executives?
    What if we didn't give JG 8 company planes to fly all over creation?
    What if we stopped spending tons of money on overpriced food at trendy restaurants?
    What if we stop buying what has to be millions of dollars a year on alcohol to help "reward" the employees (they would rather have their jobs)?
    What if we realized that no one is worth millions of dollars and put more of a cap on CEO's salaries?
    What if we realized that we have a responsibilty as American Citizens to breathe life into a business model that will not render our economy into oblivion by shipping jobs overseas?

    What if we just used some plain old common sense about things instead of letting our egos drive our decisions?

    Just a few what if's to choke down when you are thinking about the life that you have chosen to lead and the legacy that you have truly left behind:)

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    • What if more people were told to go to work and quit living off the government?
      What if more people were taken off disability that were to lazy to work?
      What if we started being responsible for our selves instead of the state/federal government?
      What if people would quit using the court system and lawyers to get wealthy?
      What if people quit blaming others for their own actions?
      What if lawyers had to produce something?
      What if politicians couldn't lie?
      What if people voted for what was best for the Country and not personal gain?
      What if the fat, lazy, trash, stopped buying at wal-mart so maybe jobs weren't going to China?
      Never happen, Wal-mart just shows that most people want the cheapest and the easiest. Why else would we sit by and let "One nation under God" be taken out of the Pledge of Allegance?

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      • I could not have been more saddened or shocked to hear that Newell is closing up shop in Wooster. I mean, everyone kind of seen the handwriting on the wall up in Manitowoc, but Wooster? I have been to both plants and I just can't believe it. 850 seems to be the magic number; wasn't it about the same # of jobs lost up in Manitowoc?

        When will this all end? It pisses me off to no end seeing good hard working Americans loosing their jobs. Wal-Mart also pisses me off. I've NEVER shopped there and NEVER will! I also read the recent article in "Fast Company" and it was an eye opener. Anyone that has not read it should. Like someone earlier stated so eloquently:"F$ck Wall mart!"

        How about these young, know it all phoenix kids who are just here for a few years for some resume fodder? I know for a fact two kids in our marketing department, who have since moved on by the way, racked up over $40K each in personal Travel and Entertainment in a six month period alone. 40 f$cking thousand dollars in T&E in six months! Now multiply that by hundreds of others in the NWL organization who do the same. And they wonder why we can't make our numbers?! Give me a f$cking break! Or how about when they cut out all FedEx overnight after the dismal 3rd quarter numbers? The dumb asses from marketing couldn't even figure out how to use the FedEx computer for anything other than priority overnight; that was all they ever used for everything they shipped !!!They were all spending money like it was going out of style the last year and a half.

        I could go on and on. Just needed to vent a little��..

        My best to all of our hardworking co-workers in Wooster. God Bless you all!!

    • Does anybody see a pattern with this POS stock that resembles Ol' Chainsaw and his demolishing of Sunbeam?

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