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  • ganeshagiven ganeshagiven Apr 19, 2010 10:23 AM Flag

    NEOL Longs, Take NEOL To New Highs

    Hello all my old freinds. I am doing well and have held every share of NEOL although I needed money at times but resisted the temptation to sell.

    I believe the shorts will drive us into the $4+ as Birch says. Why do I think this? Because hedge fund managers are not rocket scientists. Most of them are common criminals and that's why we have all this fuss going on with Goldman Sachs. They are Nouveau riche.

    They made their money hiring firms to measure sentiment of shareholders, shorting those that are scared and sending in bashers, pay bloggers or doing whatever it takes to spook people. That is why they have managed to spook just about every pump and dump stock they pimped on this board.

    However, they have failed to spook the very intelligent NEOL longs with common sense and street smarts. We know what we have and we know what it is worth.

    The hedgies are ignorant and in many cases uneducated when it comes to pharmaceuticals no matter how many experts they hire. They can't grasp the concept that sometimes you can't fool all the people all of the time. The NEOL fndamentals are just too good, they are not a one trick pony. Our CEO, John Kapoor, is tops and worth over 300 million. So, if they think they can fool Joe Six Pack on this one then I think they are showing their ignorance more than ever.

    Joe Six Pack is smarter than most of these multi billion dollar hedge fund thieves. They are not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. They have never created anything or invented anything. They have not made the world a more positive place in any way shape or form and have done quite the opposite by creating the housing crisis and crashing the dot com bubble.

    The hedge fund managers are not creators. They are not geniuses. They are thieves. It is that simple. So in many ways, Joe Six Pack the carpenter , electrician or plumber is much more highly skilled and more intelligent then some of these high rolling multi billionaire hedge fund managers who stole their fortunes overnight.

    Well, I think the NEOL shareholders and Joe Six Pack are smart enough to take back what they have coming to them and let these bums sleep in the streets.

    We have our opportunity with NEOL to take back the money they stole from the American people when they crashed the economy.

    Here is one stock that they have not get away with distroying (hello UBS). Here is the one stock that has great fundamentals and almost all upside. Here is the one stock that they have tried to take down all year and steal the shares from Joe Six Pack. I say we buy hard all week long, all year long and send these hedge fund bums onto the bread line like the rest of country suffering. We have our opportunity to make a statement. NEOL, Rahman and Kapoor have afforded us this opportunity. Let's not blow it. Hold on through thick and thin like we have already done all year and we will send the stock to $4+++++ like Birch says. Afterall, what is a multicancer drug worth anyway? Alot more than $10++++

    God Bless!

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