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  • bbqguy260 bbqguy260 Aug 15, 2003 3:20 PM Flag

    Glenny, glenny, glenny, vote Democratic

    and our problems will be solved? Blinded by what? Stupidity, greed, what? Remember the Carter interest rates? Slick Willey spent more money chasing Mr Gates than he did chasing Osama AFTER numerous terror strikes ( Cole ). Don't you feel ignorant saving the Whales will killing unborn children, promoting pornography, promising something to everybody who won't get off their dead asses and work? Too much God in the world or just in the schools? Blind, so blind, can't even intelligently and objectively see. BOTH, these parties are playing the American people for fools. There will be no hope until the American people realize we need a party that represents the middle of America and not extemist like you.

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