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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Jun 18, 2009 4:33 PM Flag

    18% divvy. No insider buying or holdings! Uh ohh...

    I posted this to meco. I will repost for you guys:

    meco, i couldnt agree more. I bought in a little while ago on the hope they could even sustain half the divvy. My thoughts are if they cut the divvy in half the stock wont fall much as its been priced in already. What is very very worrysome is that insiders own almost no stock and there have been no insider purchases with an 18% divvy! Why????????????? Very worrysome. If I saw any insider buying 100k or more Id buy more also. Yet with tanker rates rising, I will hold and see what happens. Might buy some SEA to diversify and get a decent yield. After all, tanker rates have risen nicely.

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    • Shane I hear yuh. However if I was the CEO or the other 2 empoyees, or how about anyone on the board of directors....I would mortgage my house to the max at around 6% interest, and put the entire thing in this stock at 20% and pocket the difference. The fact that we cant even hold 5 dollars since my last post should concern all of us. the guy with the snide remark about me being short...tell me, in fact I ask all of there one person here who would consider taking a cheap second mortgage on their house to buy more of this stock and pocket the 14% difference? Tell me there is 1 guy who would do it. And no, I am long and not short. I am just a bit upset because this is one of my few long term holdings because of the divvy and I cant see them sustaining it. But I will admit that having only 3 employees skews what I am saying a bit. However...the "fact" that they do not own even 1% of the float tells me they have no syake in keeping the divvy. they can find an excuse to cut it and give half of that to themselves in bonuses 6 months later. You guys do remember what the banks did with all that tarp money dont yuh? It was only 2 months ago. People are people.

    • SEA gets brought down with the laggards. I would rather stay with the individual stocks - best of breed, FRO DHT VLCCF ONAV SFL NM ISH TNK

    • Looks like shorty here is getting a little worried about his position. !8% div and near the 52 week low, I prefer long.

    • you do understand that they only have 3 employees even eligible for insider purchases in the first place so you wont see insider activity like with major firms with major management infrastructures.

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