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  • kellyray9 kellyray9 Oct 4, 1999 7:42 PM Flag

    is fast really for the young or dieing

    BK came into our branch the other day and I was
    amazed at how sloppy he was dressed. Shouldn't an owner
    of a multimillion dollar company dress the part? Or
    maybe he was making a statement to us underpaid workers
    that having money and owning a company dosn't mean you
    have flaunt it.
    Anyway, just some fyi.
    just for you investers out there, I have been with
    Fastenal for nearly three years and our branch is making a
    good chunk of money for the company (about 33%
    growth), but my base pay has only increased 5%. Very
    discouraging to say the least. If Fastenal is to keep quality
    employees they need to share more of the wealth or hire
    more educated stupid idiots who can't seem to move
    from their area because of family reasons---more of
    the ones like myself.

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    • Transportation costs up 300/grand. Sales down 500/grand because
      of hurricane Floyd. Sorry for the confusion. Sounds like sales
      estimates have been lowered for the 4th qtr.

    • With transportation costs increasing by $300,000
      watch your
      nearest junk yard for a run on 72'
      pintos. Have to cut those
      cost's somewhere. Aw hell it
      would be much easier to cut a pay
      plan here or there
      to make up the 500/grand!!

    • First of all, I don't own this stock. The gurus
      of wall street come out with Earnings Estimates "
      ESTIMATES". The market cap of Fast is 1.6 BILLION. Fast comes
      up short 1 cent on the gurus' ''estimates''. So now
      the experts can justify knocking the stock down 11.6%
      or $186,000,000 dollars. It happens every day all
      day. Same thing on the up- side.Some Companies are now
      leaking earnings slightly on the down side to beat the
      estimates . Getting a pop in the price of the their stocks
      when the "whisper estimates" come out. If stocks are
      that affected lets not call them "estimates". Lets
      call them "GUSSES".

    • Hey Jerky - If you miss the estimate by .01, the
      market will burn put the torch to your investment. The
      market has no time for companies that do not hit or
      exceed estimates. The market is too hot to forgive
      failure no matter how strong your balance sheet. I see a
      bottom in the mid 30's with an upward trend towards the
      end of the year. You will not see 60.00 a share for
      many moons.

    • Miss the estimate by one cent and FAST plummets by 11%. The fact that earnings are up 25% is obviously missed.

      Hopefully the shorts will be satisfied here and start closing their positions.

    • anybody know what is going on with fast today? why the price took a nose dive?

    • Changes do not happen overnight. You need to go
      to the right people to make results happen and my
      thoughts have always been what goes around comes around
      and if that is truely what is happening in your
      District when the right people know about it I am sure it
      will change. Go back and read the message from
      servicewasmile. I gather this is a message from a Regional
      Manager of Fastenal. Someone who has been with the
      Company for 15+ years and has gone through the good times
      and the bad. That is a dedicated employee who has
      worked his way to the top and I am sure didn't get there
      overnight. The thing that sickens me is bashing the Company
      you work for on this site instead of focusing your
      efforts on correcting the problem.

    • redVstar1100, wow! I sure do appreciate your
      message. I was beginning to think that there was something
      terribly wrong with me and my attitude. It sure was good
      to read your viewpoint. I just knew that the next
      message was going to rip me for whatever i.e. not
      squelling on my co-workiers, more bad attitude, why I even
      posted messages, etc.
      I believe I am done with
      posting on this board as it sickens me to hear from all
      of the self-righteous current employees as well as
      the investor who has more than a few shares of
      I feel much better and as I said before it won't be
      long and I will be and ex-employee. I tried my best,
      but my best was not good enough.
      Gone for good,
      but will keep reading.

    • Kellyray9 sees the good in his branch in that a
      good work ethic such as getting out and making sales
      and getting product customers hands when they need
      it, etc. And he sees the bad in the pot smoking and
      beer drinking before the day's over, the sh*tty
      working conditions, the general desire to cut expenses at
      the cost of discomfort of employees. And having a
      good frame of mind and work ethic should mean that he
      can find good work in almost any town in any state as
      good as U.S. economy has been.

      I found out at
      Fastenal that I just plain can't cut the mustard as a nut
      & bolt salesman for Fastenal. It's like
      longtimenosea or killerbzz (I think) have said before, it's not
      for everyone. So I left after 2 yrs. Some people
      don't take that long even. I am very happy where I work
      now. I repair and maintain high and low production
      printers, which has nothing to do with fasteners,

      One thing I noticed about Fastenal, which may be true
      in all sales company's, is that getting ahead
      doesn't solely depend on your hard work. Kissing some
      really sloppy *ss can go along way. I wasn't good at it,
      didn't want to be, and probably never will be. I'm
      saying that if you are a branch manager, and your DM
      says," start taking the trash home with you so we don't
      have to pay for pickup", you better be saying,"Wow,
      your a genius, I've been looking for a way to cut
      costs. Hey, how 'bout we hit the nudy bar after work my
      treat." And DM says, "Why wait, your assistant can take
      calls, pack orders, make deliveries, put away truck, do
      cycle counts, and clean bathroom by himself can't he?
      And if you don't make goal this month, use him as a
      scapegoat. Now lets go!"

      Ktomashe, Keep up the good
      work. You are probably doing more than I ever did at
      Fastenal in one day, and the company needs it because
      there are too many employees sitting around brownosing
      there direct superior or bragging to the branch in the
      next town over about hitting goal at 56% margin.
      Somebody's got to carry the load so the company stays
      profitable, and us investors keep collecting our pennies and
      dimes (some lots more pennies and dimes than

      I re-state, as in my other posts, Fastenal is a
      good company with many good people and does offer
      superior service over competitors. There is also alot of
      dirty laundry to air, whether it makes current FAST
      employees sick or not. And if you look at other msg boards,
      you'll see alot of the same.


    • ktomashe, you are so right and I will heed your
      advice and "start looking in the mirror..." "The
      unexamined life is not worth living"--Socrates
      I guess
      the problem I have with email or message boards is
      that no matter what frame of mind one is in, after a
      message is sent it is too late to get it back.
      I am
      sorry to sicken you, but you have no idea what the
      branch I work in is like. Perhaps the employees you work
      with don't smoke pot all day every day and start
      drinking at 2:00 or 3:00. This has been going on at my
      branch since I began working there a few years back (now
      maybe that may sicken you)however, we still hit goal.
      You see it is easy to pass judgment on me by just
      reading a few messages, but maybe you might have the same
      attitude if you were in my shoes. You might want to be
      carefull how you judge because that is how you will be
      judged. It is not only my attitude but the attitude of
      Fastenal and the people I work with that adds to the
      problem. In my district Fastenal has proven that they do
      not care about their employees and are no better than
      the sweat shops in third world countries.
      should walk a week in my shoes at my branch and then
      pass judgement.

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