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  • billberggren billberggren Sep 7, 2004 2:26 PM Flag


    The earnings last quarter were only $6 million. That means we are paying one employee yourself and much as the entire earnings of the company. If you are yosesell at least you have the decency, to buyback more shares than you give away in options. Which is the reason I bought.

    The question is what will happen when you see market saturation and slower growth in the future? Will you pump the stock and sell your last remaining options before the collapse?

    What would have happened to the stock if you took all the money that went to stock options, and funneled them into buybacks or business growth?

    The employees incentive should be to do their job, and an executives job should be to see earnings per share go up.

    The people that took the greatest risk in this company are the stockholders that paid for the salaries when the company had no earnings.

    BTW, if you are yoseselloff, great job!