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  • russellcaseart russellcaseart Mar 13, 2005 5:08 PM Flag

    VNX is know it..I know it

    VNX is a strong speculative buy. One more news announcement of a contract and its a $3+ stock. On the other hand one downgrade for SHFL and its down 33% in a day.

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    • On the other hand...VNX is a strong speculative short. One more news announcement of dilution and its down 33%. On the other hand one more upgrade for SHFL and its up $3 in a day.

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      • Actually, since VNX will be experiencing the traditional capital requirements that accompany rapid growth, additional financing will only be seen as much needed fuel. What investors will be far more interested in seeing in the next couple of quarters are sales numbers, where results of open competition between SHFL and VNX will begin to tell the real story. VNX enters the arena with the advantages stemming from substantially lower manufacturing costs, innovative technology, and a powerful international distribution network. SHFL will find itself in the new position of playing defense with the prospect of shrinking margins and market share. My guess is that institutional investors currently long SHFL will be reassessing the lofty premiums reflected in its price, and continue to trim positions; acknowledging that the VNX competition will have a negative impact on both sales and margins.