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  • bathgate667 bathgate667 Sep 3, 2005 11:13 AM Flag

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    • than a sell. Doesn't SHFL have an interest in RFID technology???? SHFL is near it's low for the past year. The casinos hurt by the hurricane will have to replace equipment. I know a lot is leased but many have been bought out right.

      Right now I'm about 50% in oil stocks Rigging companies and Gas and energy stock and have been for quite some time..I have owned XOM since 1956. (I'm old 73) Energy stocks will
      be good for quite some time..All this talk of alternate means is way off in the future.
      I'm mostly out of gaming except for SHFL PENN
      I'm up over all about 17.5% since the ist of the year. I also own a lot of WGMGY which has been interesting. Started buying at $1.72 and keep adding as it went up. You might look the chart up on YAHOO. Hard to get infor on this one..Best source is Google.

      Good luck to longs and shorts. I took my first short for the year Friday..All State
      insurance co. I have a slight loss in it. A few cents per share. DO NOT BUY OR SELL ANY STOCKS MENTIONED ABOVE..It is what I have or am doing...Regards to all AL

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      • You seem like a great stock picker becasue PENN and SHFL were the 2 I came down to also. Also if you were smart enough to be in oil kudos to that (although I dont like the speed cramer goes over stocks, 1 show a day should be devoted to 1 stock). Installing photovoltaic panels are actaully about as cheap as getting electric power from the grid now. And with NYC and New Orleans, I don't think you can trust the government or the red cross out when you are in need. If residents in NO had PV on their roofs they could still be in their homes.
        Unless the pv was damaged. Now they are all costing us money.