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  • kbloisab kbloisab Sep 24, 2005 2:39 AM Flag


    We made fair profits this week --$1.54 a share on our short position.The big funds are getting very nervous-- this week we had a 1.2 million volume day, from the big boys buying in again to stop a price melt down.
    Sooner or later there will be a day when the price drops 25% to 30%-- when all the big funds unload at the same time, and no fund will be willing to put up the $50M to a $100M to buy shares to stop the rot.
    For folks that watch these things[like us]you will note it is taking much more capital to buy shares to support the price.At one time a 1.2 million share day would move the price up a couple of dollars, now this volume hardy impacts the price.Thus a 6.5 million shre day will be needed[matching the recent recod volume] to move the price up overtwo dollars. Of course this would collectively cost the big funds about $350 million, and they just don't have the balls to spend that much to support the price which is over valued by at least a factor of two.
    Good shorting weeks are ahead-it is'nt too late to jump in and short.

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