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  • brigarn_98 brigarn_98 Dec 9, 2005 9:55 AM Flag

    Bought even MORE shfl!!

    Folks, I can't resist a bargain! The additional 200 shares went through at $25.17. I have just placed an order for 1000 shares in my cash account to trigger at $24.99 or less. When I look at my portfolio, I can honestly say: Ahhhh.

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    • I tried to short 2,722,400 shares @$29 but could not get a fill. Oh well, it was just small stakes for us, anyway!

      Maybe we'll buy 3,922,700 shares to begin building a position when the price hits $20.3847.

    • Read their earnings release and listen to their conference call for the answer you're looking for. It's all there as plain as day.

      Go SHFL!

    • We have seen this typical nonesense and economic drivel from BOBSHFL=BOBSICKO for many moons.When it comes to spouting the Shfl hype he is more catholic than the pope.
      Logic, common sense, reason, past history, balance sheet analyis, economics, the sell recommendation fron Bear Stearns and the reality of 3 million shares dumped and the price down 25% from its high are ignorned by this raving idiot.
      He spouts Ripusoff, as if he is someone to be believed, over looking the fact the this guy is a spin doctor, desperately trying to raise the stock price so that he can excercise his hundreds of thousands of low priced options a high price.
      Our post name for this twerp is BOBSICKO--if ever a guy needed medical attention to rid hgimself of his crazy fixiation it is BOBSHFL.He is a true economic crazy.

    • We would love to tell you we shorted at $28.50 as planned, but our 300k short order was not filled.On a couple of occasions Shfl briefly went above $28.50 but then quickly settled back before our large short position order could be completed.We only got 7800 shares shorted at our $28.50 target price.
      We feel badly because we missed this profitable opportunity.We knew shorting at $28.50 was a sure fire big money maker.
      It goes to show you can't win them all, bur we will keep trying.

    • Kblow,we are all waiting,did your order to,short @ the monthly high,get filled?

    • Great set for a buy.

      I have avaraged with the 3 splits from my first buy date of January 2001 14355 shares @ $ 5.78...everyone upgrade or downgrade has been off...I wouldnt chase it..till someone beeter materializes as competition...I would just keep buying on every dip....

      They were leasing equipment till now and they are switching more to sales any idea why...well a trip to Vegas will let you know that the hotels are not happy with leases anymore and they are reducing SHFL got back into the gaming machines, plus diversification to keep their growth...they will turn into a giant eventually like IGT ( which I also picked up when it tanked)...Gambling will never go away and profits will always be up...

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      • SHFL is selling shufflers off-lease to make near-term numbers. the shuffler lease fleet is now down for the first time in years, if ever. strategic decision, says mgmt? please.

        clearly there is a time to sell vs. lease. and clearly there is a replacement cycle, so many of these sold shufflers will be used and later replaced. but to think that they WANTED to decrease their lease base is ludicrous. if they handn't sold those 135 shufflers off-lease it would have cost them $0.02-0.03 (depending on the margin assumption you make, leased shufflers are often depreciated so the margin is much higher than on a new sale).

        there is no question SHFL can make the 2006 EPS forecast. and table master and easy chipper will help. but where does the growth come from after that? the only way to grow from the $1 EPS level is to continue to deplete the lease base, the replacement cycle is just too long to grow with an all-out sales model.

        i've been bearish for a long time so i am the dope here. i admit i was waaaaay early. but it's been a profitable position this year and i expect that to continue into next year.