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  • billberggren billberggren Mar 26, 2007 8:14 AM Flag

    shfl - will turn

    The guy that wrote the p/e is 100 so it must be a growth stock, buy it, is a moron. shfl is not a growth stock the only growth from this point will come from the construction of new casinos. Every blackjack and poker table has a shfl installed. Yes there is some growth here, maybe 50%. But after that shfl is just a value stock and that is what is happening - it is adjusting.

    Yoseloff is a great ceo, because he has always believed in buybacks. Shares outstanding are much lower today than they were 10 years ago. Thus, shfl has crushed the market over 5-10 year periods.

    Generally you have dividends and buybacks and the rest is inflation.

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    • A P/E of 100 is just the start of the Shfl return.

      Look in the days ahead for a P/E of at least 200.Every one knows, the higher the P/E the better the stock.How many stocks do you know that even has a P/E of a 100?

      Yoseloff can be trusted -- he is one of the outstanding CEO's of all time!!!Where else have you seen a performance like Shfl's?

      Additionally, to give Yoseloff recognition for his super performance--the Board Of Directors should give Yoseloff a yearly bonus of at least $10M plus 2,000,000 options at 3 cents each.Good management is great bargin and is not cheap.We don't want to be cheap skates and let IGT steal Yoseloff away with a better salary package.

      Show your confidence in Yoseloff by buying Shfl stock now--this and your prayers will push the P/E to record highs --maybe even 300.!!!