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  • forester_gumster forester_gumster Apr 4, 2002 1:39 PM Flag


    How will upcoming strike by AT&T union members effect AT&T's bottom line? Serious replies only!


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    • Not much needs to be said about this revelation that isn't known about you GR.
      May you and AT&T die a slow death together as I LMAO from the other side.

    • DG may have been exaggerating a bit with the number of 4th and 5th level people. But he is correct that many management jobs have been created and union jobs reduced. This is not the same AT&T that DG joined as he has correctly stated.

      The company has no loyalty to the employees and employees no longer have a long term commitment to the company. Nor should they.

      Many of the experienced AT&T sales and customer service people have left the company and the sales managers have become baby sitters for the newly hired sales representatives.

      Although AT&T�s situation is bad, they still seem to be queen of the pigs. The others are even worse.

    • 1) had my performance downgraded because I didn't drink with the team (previous company),
      1. Not a team player.

      2) been told I couldn't be offered a specific promotion to management because I wasn't black or female,
      2. That was just their excuses, they couldn't tell you that you are a smuck.

      3) had my performance downgraded because I wasn't eating lunch with my co-workers because I was going home to be with my new golden retriever,
      3. He was too busy posting on the Yahoo board at lunch. I really don't want to know WHAT you do to that poor dog.

      4) had my performance downgraded and eventually was demoted because after disagreeing with my boss about the direction for a new project (which became a multi-million $ flop) I became a team player and supported his decision (He was looking for a fall guy and found one and was eventually promoted to Vice President),
      4. A project GR was on that was a flop. No way.

      5) took a performance hit because I didn't communicate enough with my boss who was getting her MBA and literally was never at work.
      5. Again too busy posting on the Yahoo board.

      Welcome to the real world.

      Straight Down

    • If I died today, I would have a lot of rich relatives. How about you?

    • what_if_you_died_today_john_3_16 what_if_you_died_today_john_3_16 Apr 4, 2002 11:30 PM Flag

      What if ?

    • That is why my Ignore List stays maxed out.


      Ain't that the truth.

    • By: dartpick
      Date: 04/04/02 11:07 pm

      I'm not interested in reading the posts by the children that just came onto the board.
      That is why my Ignore List stays maxed out.

    • By: dartpick
      Date: 04/04/02 10:55 pm

      Too bad the employees can't contribute to the quarterly and annual reports, it would have been interesting to know this. I read the reports very carefully, I've come to the conclusion that the information is mostly propoganda.
      AT&T survives in spite of itself because it is so big and has been around so long. I kept my opinions inside the company for years because I did not want to harm the hand that fed me. Now, C. Michael is trying to screw me and the other retirees while he takes home more in one year than we earned in our whole carriers with AT&T. He cares NOTHING for the employees.

    • < I just hope that whoever takes over from C. Michael has SOME business sense. >

      Don't bet your pension on it. Goodnight, and thanks for your replies. I'm not interested in reading the posts by the children that just came onto the board.

    • By: dartpick
      Date: 04/04/02 10:46 pm

      Maybe the company should make a committment to the employees that when company debt is manageable, and telecom returns "in favor" they could make it up to the employees. Personally, I believe the leadership (especially CMA) should give up some of the millions they are making each year for a very questionable job performance. I'm wondering how many jobs could be saved if CMA, other senior management members, and the BOD had their pay reduced. In my opinion, none of these folks are worth more than the lowest paid T employee. At least the "little guy" is productive.
      I cannot argue with any of that. I just sent an e-mail with a suggestion that would improve AT&T's bottom line. It will not be heeded because it would require AT&T to keep some of those productive people. I just hope that whoever takes over from C. Michael has SOME business sense.

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