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  • mervinluvstomambo mervinluvstomambo Nov 15, 2004 2:27 PM Flag

    Dgpeddler scabbed the 1986 strike...


    he crossed the picket line and worked. There are numerous witnesses.

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    • Most of those I am talking about came from the old monopoly mentality which was still around 5 years ago. I suspect a lot still is around. It was not unusual to hear comments like: "Let them go to MCI. They will be back". Many customers did not come back because of that attitude.

    • Now I will defend him, I was there and don't recall that he crossed.

      The only guy I remember was a red-headed guy who was the chronic man. Later on, some of us found out that what he was doing in there, while he had free run of all areas, was fixing the SARTS/DACS testing interface for voice signalling circuits, because we were having the LECs kick back most of our referrals saying (rightly so) that they saw no trouble even though we did when we tested using SARTS. After we came back, it all was gone- everything we saw trouble on and referred to the LECs, they saw trouble too. Turns out the frame wiring and channel units had about 80% errors. They took his notes and went over every office in the country. He might have been the smartest pure telephone guy I ever saw. He had his own little office, and everything that he touched was healed. One guy said he talked to the guy and was told he had a blast going from one fill in management person to the next, like a chess master playing 100 opponents in the mall, looking and listening and making immediate moves. Ya wanna know how stupid the company was, they laid him off in 1994 becuase he only had like 12 or 13 years, the best friggin tech they had anywhere. That tells you all you need to know about the folks running things and why it is the way it is now. But it wasn't DG, he was an ok guy in that respect and I understand even though he is retired he still helps out in union affairs. He was out there carrying a sign protesting the NE's. Were you?

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