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  • MPNgone MPNgone Feb 21, 2007 8:27 AM Flag

    Yellow Pages

    Does anyone have a feel for what is going to happen to the Directory business? I know they are pushing, but does anyone use it?
    I would think directories would be declining pretty fast.
    A lot of profit comes from that business and it concerns me that it won't be able to keep up.

    Any Thoughts?

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    • Directories all over the country are tanking.
      Businesses have other options to promote themselves.
      The economy sucks and people are cutting back on advertising.
      You can find AT&T Yellow Pages and under D for DINOSAUR.

    • Get out while you can!

      YP's has been on life support for a very long time now and will flat line soon. Re-scopes, pub-date changes, A/O deadline extensions, combining English & Spanish directories, yada-yada-yada! When's the last time YOU used a YP's directory? Any YP'S directory? Ever wonder why PBD/SBC/AT&T stopped publishing NYPM possession & usage data?

      Is that "Taps" I hear playing in the background?

    • It takes no rocket science to figure out the internet will take the "yellow pages" down the krapper...I would not spend a dime in stock for any of these antiquated ventures...

    • They will end up either selling off or spinning off the yellow pages division just like Verizon/Idearc did. They are only concerned with the results not so much the print directories. That's why they have raised the sales reps internet quotas by 50% this year.

    • And you must be a rep. Probably 3rd or 4th tier that cant sell and blame the company for their problems. Find another industry...see if the grass is greener.

    • OK,
      Should I also assume that the other 80% of the sales force is also this incompetent?
      Because there's about 80% that are not hitting that magical 60% increase you greedy bastards imposed?
      That means they can't sell?
      That means they should go look for other employment?
      Others have, others will.
      Customers buy on perceived value and they don't see the value in Yellow Pages or anymore.
      So, blame the salespeople, and while you are at it, blame the poor bastards fighting in Iraq now because we are not winning this war. You would, wouldn't you?!
      That's because you are AT&T management and you can only think that way.
      Maybe you should get another job.

    • Only you can determine if you are incompetent. Not sure where you are getting the 60% quoatas but that is not happening in my area.

      Look at the Kelsey research. Both products will be increasing in growth over the next 5 years. The industry has growth vs other media. Sorry you are so disgruntled and havent adapted tot he electronic age and all the good things this company has to offer.

      Customers do buy on perceived value but they buy just a much on "the relationship" with your atttiude i can see why you are having selling issues. I am not that far removed from being a rep and realize the job is tough. That being said we have a tremendous product that is beggging to be sold. Strap it up and get a better might do wonders for your results...or stay disgruntled and be sorry for the rest of your career.

    • pebble_jealous_of_chartness pebble_jealous_of_chartness Mar 10, 2007 4:28 PM Flag

      What about epic? That is a great management tool! Lol

    • You will have to look at the Kelsey Report a little closer. It said "Global" print will increase but domestic print will decline over the next five years. Keep drinking the Kool-aid my friend. The internet products we sell are so expensive compared to what is offered in the internet sales world it's almost funny! Educate yourself, or better yet don't because then you would realize our future!

    • MPN, you are so correct!
      Management sees what they want to see and interprets it to their own liking.
      Tell everyone what they want to hear.
      Ask our friend what the attrition rate is in this industry.
      People that like their jobs, are treated fairly and make a decent living so do not leave the company. Am I looking?
      Hell yes. But I'm not jumping from the kettle into the fire.
      Something will come along.
      In the meantime I do the best I can with the tools I have.
      And yes, I do have relationships with my customers. i do care and that is why I do not shove this worthless crap down their throats. It works in some areas but in the grand scheme of things it sucks.

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