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  • cencoastsurfer cencoastsurfer Mar 4, 2009 7:51 PM Flag


    I think you should take vacation. I am a retired manager, and I have been teaching for ATT's center for learning for a couple of years, training uverse, splicers, MST's ST's and pole climbing. In this weak economy, it has been good to have steady money. As for the strike, yes the company has been sending many managers through training. They are all upbeat, and have a positive outlook. Nobody really knows what is going on with the negotiations in Virginia, and there have been pickets, and minor vandalism there. Somebody threw tacks all over the parking lot resulting in several flat tires. The Union picketers have been blocking the managers who work in this location from getting into the parking lot. So it is getting "heated up". I think what everyone forgets is that each side works for the same people, the customers who faithfully pay their bills each month that translate into our income. management, craft, whatever. This is all about our ability to provide and maintain a reliable network that has great customer retention.

    IMHO ( I was a steward before going into management, so I saw both sides)

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