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  • Surfer_Girl_59 Surfer_Girl_59 Mar 5, 2009 11:29 AM Flag

    Chime In -- Will Wireline Strike????

    Given Mobility has reached a tentative agreement with the business -- pending membership vote -- do we all think Wireline (good old copper) will still strike?

    What are you all hearing?

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    • Is there an agreement in the last contract that the union has to give the company a 15 day notice of a walkout in order to keep their benifits while on strike? That would put it on the 19th instead of the 5th.

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      • bsds24 Apr 1, 2009 9:04 PM Flag

        The last contract was signed early and made a new expiration date.I believe this contract expires at midnight on the 4th.If health benefits are the primary hold up I don't believe the company will provide health care for workers who are on strike.Unfortunately I think both sides are dead serious here.The union won't agree to an arbitraitor or a mediator because every union in the country pays some of their health care coverage.Good luck to both sides,we're all gonna need it before this is over.

      • Our strike vote was the notice..but what will be interestng is ATT has folks flying all over the country..GOOD LUCK on getting a flight during Public School Vacation, Holy Week..etc and the following week is no better. If our Union was smart they would follow through with their strike threat and just do it!

    • I agree that 2 weeks is not enough time to learn but you have a lot of folks like me that spent 17 years outside. Their intent will not be to do the job you do but just to keep the fires low. I participated in the strike of 1984 and we stayed out just long enough for the company to save the money it needed to give us most of what we wanted. Don't be fooled into thinking that anyone but the company wins with a strike.

    • love.lancy, I love your little comment about grammar and spell, I did run both as a matter of fact! Thank you, I am a Comm Tech and I do know that your union dues where never 100.00 a month. I have one of the higher paying UNION jobs and I have never paid more then 70.00 a month for union dues. I love my job and see no reason to have to look for another one. My job would continue to be great if we didn't have an Upper Level management team that was so dead set on not playing fair in this contract negotiating! Please remember, the UNION was told right after Verizon got there contract in August of 2008, That we shouldn't expect what they got because AT&T is NO Verizon! Mark Royce's words, Not mine! Maybe you should do a little praying about what is really going on!

    • One thing has been made Clear, we are NO LONGER A TEAM - our current metrics/evaluation/time accounting system promotes individual performance over joint efforts between groups or Departments... It is now all about who gets the BLAME when something goes wrong, and who makes the biggest *BONUS* when the (*Ficticious*) "Numbers" are met. Divide and Conquer, and they are CLEARLY doing that...

      - Forget about helping anybody, just Cover your own @SS at ALL COST, regardless of any benefit/damage to Customer Service. Ask an any Department you speak with will tell you the same...

      It has also been made clear that it is US AGAINST THEM - the newest Contract proposals cutting job titles, wages/benefits and the outsourcing of work (NO TRAINING PROVIDED WHATSOEVER) for our newest deployed technologies have made that unmistakeably clear to Everyone... - Dont believe me??? ASK AROUND...

      "Our Employees are (*NO LONGER*) the greatest assets to our Company "

      UPPER management Against lower-level Management, Union against ALL Management, Non-Union against Union. *DIVIDE AND CONQUER*.

      If there wasnt such an atmosphere of ANIMOSITY and HOSTILITY within the workplace (A VERY HOSTILE working environment) surely more people would speak up to TRY and makes things better... but that would be like standing in front of a RUNAWAY FREIGHT TRAIN. Our workgroups are ruled by constant Fear and Intimidation by the Corporate ELITE who are consumed by their insatiable *GREED* and Lust for higher *BONUSES*.

      Morale within our work centers is now at an ALL TIME LOW - Does anyone wonder why... ?

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      • holiest_trousers, Truer words have never been spoken! And I hate the fact that what you are saying is so true! Unfortunately, Because the very UPPER-LEVELS of management are able to award themselves whatever they want in regards to salaries and bonuses, they are able to insulate themselves from the financial damage they are doing to the COMPANY, and everyone below them! Do you think Randy and the boys are all that concerned if they take the whole thing down in a few years? They've already banked MILLIONS! Plus I am sure they all have there GOLDEN PARACHUTES IN PLACE! This is absolutely CRIMINAL what they are up to!

    • Absoutly! Is management trained? NO! Most of the management folks that I know are desk folks who are being sent out of state. They found the training interesting but they realize they can't do the work. They have learned the words; NO ACCESS if they can't handle the work!

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      • bsds24 Mar 23, 2009 9:43 PM Flag

        This thread is amazing.I hope there is no strike but don't be fooled in to thinking all mgmt employees set behind a desk and just get up to fall off poles.Give me a break.Do you honestly think the craft folks don't NA the tough jobs.I see it every day.I also have to close my eyes when I certify folks in pole climbing these days.There isn't 1 in 10 of the young guys who can climb.I hope with all my heart there isn't a strike but don't cut us old dogs short,some of us were union officers and craftsmen for over 25 years and believe it or not we can do the job quite well if we need to.

    • Do lan lines ever break besides when dumbasses run their shovels through them while digging irrigation ditches?

      Honestly, I never have seen my parents phone not working, and they have been living in the same house for 30 years!

      I don't have a home phone, I consider them obsolete, its all about cell phones now.

    • Surfer Girl.

      Don’t sweat the frame. Know where the flash light is. They won't be installing anything, Its is too dangerous. The outside plant is decrepit. When a tech touches it, he often causes trouble. However, if no one touches it, and the weather doesn't turn bad it can run for a long time.

      The problem is that a CO cannot operate without power. It you get a power failure, and the Genny doesn't start it may get real real dark. Of course it depends on your location. Some CO's are actually up to standards. The small rural ones often are not.

      Make sure you know how to use the phone system and have good numbers to call.

      You will not die.


    • If you are that concerned about keeping your job, you shouldn't be posting in a public forum negative things about the company. Disparaging the company in public is likely a terminable offense. Posting some of the inside info, memos, etc that others on this board have, is CERTAINLY terminable. You guys are lucky that clearly nobody cares what you do.

    • cant leave with pre existing medical condition whos gone to hire some one with cancer ??

    • My comment was directed to the union folks, but if you feel the same way about the company than you should man up and leave, or stop complaining. Free will is a beautiful thing.

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