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  • klb041908 klb041908 Apr 22, 2009 2:35 PM Flag

    rumors on 04/22/09

    just heard a rumor that cwa walked away from the table.
    guessing this means a strike in near?
    there is an intrenet meeting planned for tomorrow, so this could be a way to annoucing plans for a strike, or at least get everyone motivated for the walk-out.

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    • Rumors will have to wait until tomorrow night at 9 eastern time. Until then....NOBODY KNOWS which way this cat will jump.

    • Not backtracking, have always been for a fair contract with no takebacks, but I guess I made the mistake of SPECULATING, that our mighty union, might accept a deal for higher healthcare, since they have not flat out refused this proposal from the start, but just want more info on it. If the union accepts a higher healthcare proposal, I just want them to get back all the other takebacks the company has proposed, off the table in exchange for this great injustice. Have you seen all of the cutbacks besides healthcare the company wants.

    • I didnt even get a kiss from you this evening.

    • Whoa buddy I dont know you just stating something here, I follow alot of post here and you seem to be back tracking alot here lately. Take a chillpill. Just thought it would make you feel good that they wanted you to go into management now. GOSH.

    • All training for the technicians has been canceled for next week. Trainers have been told to clean up and lock everything away. Monday looks like "S" day.

    • Forget the “internet meeting.” I got a bootleg transcript already. Here’s just a sneak peek into the inner sanctum of YOUR union at “work”:

      Union leader #1: Hey, whachu wanna do now?

      Union leader #2: I dunno. Whachu think we outta do now?

      Union leader #3: Hey use guys, maybe we could carry our signs around and sing the “mighty mighty union” song!

      Union leader #1: Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Company will really be scared when they see that.

      Union leader #2: Don’t forget we also have that inflatable rat we borrowed from the UAW. They got a lot of great results from their rat attacks!

      Union Leader #1: Geezo peezo, I completely forgot about the rat. Once the management sees that horribly scary inflatable toy (made in China by the way), we’ll really have them where we want them.

      Union leader #3: Hey boss, don’t forget I have all these cases of clickers. What should I do with those?

      Union leader #1: Save it for our next convention. We need to give the drunken members something to do so they think they’re really important and actually doing something. One click, refill their beer mugs. Two clicks, they vote you into office. It’s magic!

      Union leader #2: You are the master…, um, I mean after the Lord Obama his Most Holiness.

      Union leaders (all together): Praise be Allah Obama, most Holy Organizer, Guardian of All Things Socialist and Anticapitalist. We call upon you to smite the company managers with all your wonderful hope and change. Please ask your reverend to bring the chickens home to roost.

      Union leader #1: Alright men, unleash the unholy flying monkey upon the management, oops, I mean tell the members to keep up the good work with their super duper mobilization. And by the way, what’s the dues count up to these days?We got enough dough for my boondoggle to AFLCIO’s party in South Beach? Cowabunga baby! Shagadelic!

    • would not be surprised this was posted by the cwa today. They know the company is not going to move and is breaking their spirits.

      Negotiations continued yesterday without progress on any of our key issues. We discussed retiree issues and employment security in yesterday's talks.

      Today, AT&T announced that they earned $3.1 Billion in the 1st quarter. Across America, people are wondering why a company that continues to make billions during a recession is so determined to reduce the living standard of their middle class employees. We know the answer to that: corporate greed.

      The question for CWA members is what exactly will we have to do in order to let management understand that their massive cost shifting proposals are not acceptable to us? We have done a lot of mobilization, but evidently what we are doing is not enough and each and every one of us needs to find a way to ramp it up!

      Mobilization News: The time is NOW to ramp up our mobilization activities. While there has been a lot of great activity going on, it has not moved the company on any of our key issues.

      Local 4319 members still are not in the volunteer spirit. Their unity has forced the company to schedule 24/7 in all departments except construction. This is the kind of solidarity we must create in EVERY SINGLE work group if we expect to win a fair contract.

      Tomorrow, members from across the District will be converging on Columbus, Ohio for a noon time rally at the State House.

      Meetings continue to take place this week with CWA Staff and Local Stewards to discuss, in more detail, our plans to win a fair contract. Contact your Local’s mobilization coordinator or officers to find out about your Local’s activities.

      We’re asking that you go to and sign the online support statement for our fight to win a fair contract with AT&T. Please ask your family and friends to do the same.

      The next bargaining report will be Thursday, April 23, or sooner should developments warrant.

    • The strike has to happen, otherwise what to do with the union dues? A lot of $$$

    • I have heard nothing like that. Is there any way you can substantiate that rumor?
      If not, then why did you post it? What possible use is your post, other than to draw attention to yourself.

      What the heck in an intrenet?

      Everyone I talk to is motivated to walk right now. The Union is trying everything it can to avoid taking its' members out on strike. So far, it appears there is no movement from the company on any issues, not just the major ones.

    • With the UAW blamed for GM's impending bankruptcy, and ATT's profits down 9% (if that's accurate), ATT will, no doubt, play hard ball with the union. With the recession I doubt most union members will really want to walk from their jobs. It seems to me, in the past, the unions didn't shut ATT down when they went on strike, but it sure cost everyone a lot of money. This will be fascinating to watch.

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