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  • faustmanv Mar 29, 2010 11:52 AM Flag

    Obama’s Radical NLRB Appointee wants to Free Illegals


    Goodness, so now punishing illegal activity is discriminatory? These are the words from Craig Becker (audio) who was given a recess appointment under the cover of darkness by the Marxist in Chief (Obama). Becker was lead attorney for SEIU. Every level of government will be infested with Marxists/progressives. Labor unions are behind the amnesty movement and must have put out the big dollars to organize and pay the way for all those protesters. And it’s the labor union funding the Democratic party. Thus, the Democratic party has amnesty at the top of the list. I always thought it was to get more votes...Now it has become clear that it is to get more workers enslaved to Union Dues in addition to getting more Democratic votes. Be sure to watch the bottom video for the truth about Radical Becker. God help us please.
    Video/Audio Here>>

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    • What the hell is all this noise about 'workers without proper work papers'. Why can't we call them what they are? Regardless of the reason, they are ILLEGAL entrants to this country. They have blatantly ignored and broken the laws of the land.

      So they want jobs and a better life. So do millions of Americans and other immigrants that came here legally. They processed the paperwork, they waited their turn.

      I am sorry for people who live in a screwed up country but I don't feel sorry for them if they won't try to do something to correct the problems. They are too lazy or careless to work to make themselves a better life at home but have no reservations about coming here and contributing to make life harder and more expensive for honest citizens.

      What part of illegal does Congress not understand? Oh, I forgot illegal equals Democratic voters.

      It is not illegal work to hold American citizens to the letter of the law. If you hire a illegal, and have even a suspicion that they are illegal, you’re as guilty as they are.

    • Why should GOD help us? We have asked him to stay out of our politics and our schools. HE isn't even welcome in some churches. It takes a lot of nerve to ask him to help us.

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