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  • winholder winholder Apr 9, 2010 10:28 AM Flag

    Value Added Tax (VAT) Will Destroy The USA (Vid)

    I wouldn't protest a VAT tax, or tax increases if...IF Congress would use the new taxes to reduce the deficit and not simply to use for new spending programs.

    The taxation system we have today is full of holes for both the rich and those that don't pay any taxes. It needs a complete revision. Congress, at least the liberal side, claims that the tax system is unfair and gives the rich all the advantages. Well, they wrote the rules and they are mostly part of the rich class that take advantage of those loop holes. Hell, a lot of them simply ignore the tax rules.

    Rich people start business, grow businesses, hire people...poor people don't.

    What happened to the 'pay-as-you-go' concept that Congress said they wanted to implement?

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    • Winholder rich people don't start businesses because they want to help people. They start businesses to make even more money. They hire people if they need them to make products or provide services that give the rich people profits. Most rich people make money from the ordinary people who shop at Walmart, McDonalds etc. If the rich people just depended on other rich people as their customers, they would not do too well. Even Ford understood that if the ordinary people can buy cars, his company would do well. I call it trickle up.

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      • "Winholder rich people don't start businesses because they want to help people. They start businesses to make even more money."

        And your point is they still create jobs for other folks, right? People don't go to work for fun; they go to earn a living and MAKE MONEY. Some actually get lucky enough to really enjoy their work, but they aren't doing it for the hell of it.

        Yeah, they make money off the backs of the poor people that are buying the products and services they create. Those poor people that don't have the money to spend, or the time to enjoy life?

        Where do you think the people that shop at Wal-Mart get their money, other than the welfare recipients I mean? They work for the rich people and some of them even become rich in the process.

        Gezzz, get out more often.

      • Lets take a look at economics for a second. If there are more jobs there is a bigger tax base to pull from. More people more income earning people more taxes being paid into the Fed. Less jobs, less tax base, increase in taxes to make up for those not working.

        Rich people usually want to spend money to make money. Not always fair but job creation is a key part of the process. Most of these jobs are entry level, but from my experience you can work your way up to the top from the bottom. It is called hard work. Most young people really don't know what hard work is. They want everything handed to them these days. How about working hard and attaining some goals for yourself. You think rich people didn't work hard to be where they are today? Contraire I have been fairly sucessful and I have worked for every penny and accomplishment to this day and don't regret it one bit.

        No VAT for USA job/consumption killer.


    • Full of holes for the rich. Hum. You sound jealous

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