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  • cencoastsurfer cencoastsurfer Dec 28, 2010 8:57 AM Flag

    9 days to fix a simple pots line in California

    It always amazes me when I read on this site about how "Cutting edge" and "advanced" att is. And then my 84 year old mothers phone goes out and I try to escalate it (I'm retired and therefore am now nothing more than a nuisance to att) and nothing gets done. I mean, her line is a simple pots line. Pots is the lowest form of telephone technology the company provides. And they have a Service Level Agreement that they are required by law to provide to the customers. So, 9 days. She called in on December 19th in the morning. She live in a rural area north of Sacramento. She was told it would take 3 days. Already att is admitting they cannot meet their requirements. So, she being patient, waited. 3 days comes and passes, and nobody comes. She calls in again, and is told it was cleared and they would created a new ticket. And another 3 day commitment. They tell here the rains are too great and the company is having trouble meeting commitments. Again, att is admitting failure. 3 days comes and goes, and still nobody comes, and the line is still out. By now I am involved because I can't reach her and I know there is something wrong with the line. I am told it's in a cable failure and they will fix it tomorrow. That was on Christmas Eve. On December 26th, mom calls in again and is told the ticket was closed because the trouble was cleared. She opened a new ticker (#3) and was told it would take 3 days. By now I have contacted a director in Service management I used to work with and she tells me there are "thousands" of pending trouble ticket. But she is able to call someone and get a maintenance splicer on it. On December 27, at 11:50, 9 days and 3 trouble tickets later and a 3rd level escalation, a simple posts is fixed. Now. do you trust this same company with your data networks?

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    • For many rural areas that are less populated, pots service is their "U-verse", running on copper placed 50 years ago that att,sbc,pac bell, won't replace. The "KIDS" who inherited "DADDYS" business, have forgotten how and why "DADDY' was successful with his customers, employees, and shareholders. The "KIDS" don't care alot about the first two anymore.

    • Really??? I should be placed on a PIP? I'm not the one spreading false information about the company on the internet!! He has no proof that his tickets were not dispatched on. The last I checked, posting lies about the company and spreading false information was a COBC violation.

    • >>>>>>>>> When I talk with my friends who are under 30, most are not sure why anyone would ever need wireline and many do not have it.

      They'll understand when they have an inoperable glioma from not using a wired headset. The IPhone has the highest RF. Why not just stick your head in a microwave? Landlines are 99% reliable. You can't say that about a cell.

    • As an economic proposition, margins on local voice service are thin and getting thinner.

      The 2009 AT&T annual report says, "Voice and other service ARPU declined 6.7% in 2009 and 6.5% in 2008." "Local voice revenues decreased $2,763, or 12.2%, in 2009 and decreased $1,887, or 7.7%, in 2008. The decrease in 2009 was driven primarily by an 11.2% decline in switched access lines and a decrease in average local voice revenue per user." As they explain the decline in revenue was covered by cutting staff or shifting them to other businesses.

      Stand-alone local voice will never be the business that it was. As someone who also has elderly parents (who use AT&T for LD and have a dialup ISP), I appreciate that technological shifts are more difficult for them to deal with. When I talk with my friends who are under 30, most are not sure why anyone would ever need wireline and many do not have it.

    • Keep in mind it is not the former AT&T or PacBell. It is the new at&t which seems to be the root of the service problem.

      At PacBell, when the rains came, installs were placed on hold and you knew in the Pacifica/San Bruno area exactly were the troubles would be and they were fixed rather quickly.

      The today's order foreman's group was always stressed out during this period, yet, they got the job done after supporting the repairs group! Thanks to Tom in Burlingame, Trousdale office.

    • Get your mother a cellphone for emergencies, you cheap bastid

    • Please feel free not to mention that there has been RECORD rainfall in that state in the last week. There are vast areas of the network that are completely underwater due to flooding. That means it's been declared a disaster area. When a natural disaster occurs there is a priority and lines that are a matter of public safety come first. 911, hospitals, public agencys, etc. Your just another retiree that thinks cause they used to work there they should get special treatment. If you have figured out how to stop rain from affecting POTS service please let everyone know. If you really knew anything about data networks you would know they run on fiber which isn't affected by water. I guess you retired from the janitorial service at at&t. I find it troubling that someone could bash the company that has put food in your mouth for most of your life over an issue with a natural disaster. Please feel free to cancel your benefits or return your checks if you wish to protest your treatment.

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