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  • jdanielman jdanielman Mar 14, 2011 12:27 PM Flag

    SUPPORT WALKER...Someone needs to make a stand..


    I agree spending needs alot of work and be brought under control. But where was all the deficit outcry before Obama came into office??!!!

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    • I think this was brought up a year ago, and the answer was there was a outcry by many americans. We went to war and that cost the tax payer alot of money, which brought debt to the national level..the war did bring jobs though but still it doest balance out. But Were the tea party conservitives statred really to scream was when Obama added to the already over debt crisis in a rapid fashion..Most americans are on board with this..but my point is how many Wisconsin people and others around the states that support these protestors , where the ones at these tea party rallies screaming about putting debt on our kids. Now when the chips fall and they have to give up some red carpet deals now whos screaming the other chant!!! These real people that you and i elect to do the hard things like Walker is doing, we the people cruscify him for doing the right thing...People We are in DEBT..NO MONEY...The thing is he made cuts to the us government Wisconsin union employees and now wants to take there bargaining rights away...Well what can you bargain with if there is no money..LOL...These government union employees get better benefits and pay than a private sector union employee and we the tax payers pay for it...I say to the school teachers quit complaining when you make already 70 thousand dollars a yr and with red carpet benefits and pensions...that we the people pay for, when we dont even have that in our work places. Go back to school and teach our children not to act like you guys did in these protests is a SHAME to see some of these acts in the Wisconsin Capital...Crawling through windows to get in a police having to carrying some out...SHAME for our kids to see this..All in the name of MONEY>

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      • kbjb Mar 15, 2011 2:59 PM Flag

        Show some proof that public employees make more that private employees.

      • Taxpayers paid the TARP, taxpayers also paid the trillions that were used to bail out other foreign banks, and taxpayers also provided the billions for the quantitive easing. All these trillions of dollars went to bail out Wall Street, bail out national and international banks, also corporations were bailed out, such as Verzion and GE among others. These board members were rewarded with billions in bonus that came from taxpayers.
        Why not complain on this, picking on the unions is miniscule when compared to the taxpayers trillions used on the elites.

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