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  • tradingonthefloor tradingonthefloor Mar 14, 2011 11:23 AM Flag

    SUPPORT WALKER...Someone needs to make a stand..

    what does people not understand...The FEDERAL AND LOCAL STATE BUNKRUPT....NO mONEY..PEOPLE...The US is trillions of dollars in debt....What do you want to bargain with if there is no Money...Go look at all the states that are in debt in billions..almost all states of Amercia...Gov Walker is making a tough stand and i support from IL.. and i say that Union Government workers are bleeding the system. States are bankrupt. People are holding the bag of higher taxes to pay for these fat benefits that most americans dont even have in the private sector...Im a former union employee and i dont get these kinds of benefits that these government us union workers get...come back to earth.

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    • kbjb Mar 15, 2011 7:12 PM Flag

      "what does people not understand?

      What most people understand is that there are a lot of illerate people in this country!

    • TO echo and your pal razzle...get real... you guys are real old and still trying to fight the battles of free love of the sixties...get a grip or just die...get out of the way..for you ecmo guess who died that day you so lie about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Glen Beck only make poeple dumb.
      He makes things up as he goes along.
      By the way, Glen Beck became to over the top that FOX did not renew his contract.
      By By Beck.

    • Referencing the below comments: search for “Starving the best” for the answere.;

      So, YOUR enemies are our Congress, illegal immigrants, the President of the United States who is "trying desperately to destroy our economy",

      And if nutballs who for their own gain try to convince Americans that their

    • 2010 WISCONSIN TEACHER AVERAGE WAGE AND BENEFITS (this is for 9 months of work)

      Milwaukee $86,297
      Elmbrook $91,065
      Germantown $83,818
      Hartland Arrwhd $90,285
      Men Falls $81,099
      West Bend $82,153
      Waukesha $92,902
      Sussex $82,956
      Mequon $95,297
      Kettle Mor $87,676
      Muskego $91,341
      (highest teacher was $122,952-lowest was $64,942)

      Arrowhead - Bus Mgr - Kopecky - $169,525
      Arrowhead - Principal - Wieczorek - $152,519
      Grmtwn - Asst Princ - Dave Towers - $123,222
      Elmbrk Elemetary - Principal - Zahn - $142,315 (primary school)
      Madison - Asst Principal - McGrath - $127,835
      UNIVERSITY of WISCONSIN STAFF (2009 salary alone):

      Michael Knetter - Prof of Bus - $327,828
      Carolyn Martin - Chancellor Mad - $437,000
      Hector Deluca - Prof of Nutritional Science - $254,877

      How about some other "public servant job" ? What do they make?

      Madison Garbage men (2009 salary only):
      Garbageman, Mr. Nelson earned - $159,258 in 2009, including $109,892 in overtime and other pay.
      Garbageman, Greg Tatman earned - $125,598
      7 Madison garbage men made over - $100,000
      30 Madison garbage men made over - $70,000
      MILWAUKEE CITY BUS DRIVERS (salary only):
      136 Drivers made more than - $70,000
      54 Drivers made more than - $80,000
      18 Drivers made more than - $90,000
      8 Drivers made more than - $100,000
      Top Driver made $117,000
      Source WTMJ
      In contrast, the average private bus driver makes $9-13 an hour (about $20,000 yr) with no pension, or healthcare.

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      • kbjb Mar 15, 2011 5:14 PM Flag

        You must be a private bus driver who makes $9 per hr and I can understand your outrage. You probably did not finish HS and are stuck in a job that has no future. Teachers, for the most part, go to college for a minimum of 5 yrs., spending vast amounts of money, energy, and time to become certified. Could you teach physics, advanced placement classes? Please, tell me you are capable of this. You would be laughed out of the classroom. And what about those other degreed private professions you did not mention, such as doctors, attorneys, accountants, etc,? Would they work for teachers salarys? I think not. Maybe it's time to be a little more honest about why you are so upset about life.

    • tsibr549 Mar 14, 2011 8:18 PM Flag

      They are all corrupt...........

    • Walker is a Commie

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      • The common denominator of leftist philosophy is that there’s always an enemy who is plotting to overthrow the benevolent socialism that Marx and Engels created. The general name of the enemy of the left is capitalism.

        Even Lenin admitted that socialism wouldn’t be accepted by western nations, that it had to be forced upon society by revolution. The USSR tried in many countries to foment political revolution. In Cuba, it succeeded. In other countries, not so much. North Korea was defeated when it attempted to invade South Korea. North Viet Nam was defeated in 1973 after it attempted to invade the Republic of Viet Nam. Thanks to the Socialist-Democrats in the USA, however, military support was withdrawn from the RVN and North Viet Nam was successful in a second invasion in 1975.

        Met with military defeat, the international socialists continue the fight to defeat capitalism. Obama is, and always was, a socialist. He feels the USA under capitalism is an imperialistic agressor nation and as such, must be “fundamentally transformed” into a socialist utopia.

        Don’t let the “race card” thing mean anything more than a diversion. Obama and his socialist minions are busy creating a hegemonic socialist federal government. The Tea Party understood that. Many Americans understood it in November 2010. What remains to be seen is the efficacy of the union uprising and Obama’s support of that revolution.

    • If there is any cosmic justice, you will spontaneously combust for using the words conservative, principled and Charles Johnson in the same sentence.
      On the matter of ending collective bargaining, collective extortion would be a more appropriate description. Government/public sector unions are a racket and arguably a criminal enterprise. Taxpayers – Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal – collectively pay the salaries of government workers. Part of those salaries are then siphoned off – by government – as dues to the unions. The unions then take those dues and use them to buy Democrat politicians to give them anything they want – generating more salaries and dues. It’s the perfect racket – a self licking ice cream cone…an endless supply of money supplied largely by your opponents, against their will and without their say. And on the rare occasion they do express their say – as in the November elections – those same Democrat politicians can just refuse to play the game anymore and leave the state. Pretty brilliant strategy if you care nothing for rules or civil governance. Government unions need to be taken down with a wrecking ball.

    • Typical liberal mantra: tax the rich to pay for it. Well Wisconsin taxpayers are not that rich. Hell even Californy with all of it's ultra liberal, ultra rich movie stars to tax can't even keep up.

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