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  • iokuok007 iokuok007 Apr 21, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    Democrats Are Good For The Market

    Zacks just put the following out. It surprises me, but who knows, maybe this will be a great year.

    The Economy & Politics

    This provides a strong fundamental backing for the market to continue to move higher. The fact we are in the third year of the presidential cycle (almost always the best of the four, and by a big margin). We have a Democrat in the White House, which has historically meant good things for the stock market, with an average annualized return over the last 50 years more than triple than when the GOP holds the Oval Office.

    While counting points on the S&P 500 is suspect over long periods of time, the fact remains that on balance, every single point of increase in the S&P 500 over the last 50 years has come with a Democrat in the White House. Those factors should combine to make this a good year for the market.

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    • Ask Mr. Jimmy to explain it to you

    • Why does the Easter Bunny hide her eggs?

      She doesn't want anyone to find out she is having sex with a chicken. Happy Easter.

    • Why does the Easter Bunny hide her eggs?

    • ..."We prefer peanuts to jellybeans thank you.

      Peanuts??? It's a holiday treat, dimwit. How ya' gonna' fit the Easter Elephant in a dumpster?

    • We prefer peanuts to jellybeans thank you.

    • Did you remember the jellybeans?

    • What else do I have to do all day? Thank you Al Gore a great democrat, your phone service internet tax has provided me with all the free porn I can handle at my local library. I like to post on this board between porn sites.

    • Your story is more interesting and more believable. Rob is African American?

    • You have got to be kidding, we have no intention of working it makes democrats feel good to help out us societal slugs. My live in girl friend got 20k claiming to be a Katrina victim, no kidding, unfortunately she lost most of it in a casino.

    • ...Ya’ know, the newly created aliases you’ve dreamed up have gone from the ridiculous to the sublime. This ersatz creation, for example (lkglhklkh) professes to be an out of work, homeless, bindle stiff, intent on soaking mankind for an existence while freeloading any and all legitimate social programs available to the poor, at the expense of everyone else. (pause: actually, that part probably summarizes fairly accurately the yo-yo’s who post this nonsense). That they would expect you to believe that such people then spend all day long on a computer – on a stock message board, no less – bragging about their lifestyle as a buffoonish attempt at a laughingly inept political statement, is farcical, at best. That’s not real bright, junior. Let me offer you some help.

      Let’s go with this: You are Rob’s long-lost cousin, of Aboriginal/Bambutid/Navajo/Martian ancestry, in town for the holiday. As Rob is also out of work (has he reminded you recently that he’s African American, btw?) you’ve hatched a plot to kidnap feretz, faust and Floyd (recent MIA’s, if you hadn’t noticed) and are holding them for ransom at your summer cottage – the Dumpster behind the library where you have internet access. (the library – not the dumpster- the dumpster is where you reside and subsist on the Modified American Plan), until said hostages’ Uncle Dale returns from Newcastle upon Tyne, where he’s feverishly hitting up his fellow Geordies for the outlandish king’s ransom of 20 quid – currently about 33 bucks.

      Sounds like a plan. Now, in the Holiday spirit, and to nourish the captives as to maintain their value, go throw them a bag of jellybeans, some stale peeps and a pint of MD 20/20.

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