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  • winholder winholder Jul 29, 2011 11:44 AM Flag

    Red States creating 90%++ of new jobs, wonder why...

    There is enough wasteful spending, stupid spending, political spending and flat our fraud in our government spending habits that billions can be cut and never get near SS or Medicare benefits.

    There are many tax loop holes that could and should have been closed years ago that would increase tax revenue without hurting the middle class.

    The problem is that the idiots in Washington are so caught up in their underwear over the political power struggles and protecting their favorite contributors they can't see the low hanging fruit for the political BS clouding their vision.

    Again, this 'debate' (what a joke to sue that word in the instance) isn't about spending, new taxes or saving the American economy, it is about flexing political power and finding things either Party can use to hammer the other in the coming elections.

    This is not about the economy; it is pure, unadulterated, childish, selfish, power hungry politics. We are being held hostage by individual egos and political career planning.

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