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  • followthevolume followthevolume Jul 29, 2011 10:22 AM Flag

    Tea Party = Lackeys for the ultra rich

    definitely not the smartest guys in the room.

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    • fait accompli.

    • "...It was the tea party that refused to give anything unless the entire bill met their strict ideological mandates and Grover Norquist pledge requirements..."

      Ideological???? How about the right and practical thing to do in order to solve our country's serious problems? "Compromising" is what keeps us getting into deeper debt and closer to our nation's collapse.

      "...You're all senile. That's the problem. Our largest voting block is senile..."

      Your insults are the extent of your thinking. You don't seem to grasp the severity of our country's problems nor the proper solutions.

      The politicians seem to care about the near term self and their constituents gratification. They don't seem to act or care about the long term consequences to our country.
      We got away "kicking the can" numerous times but, we are running out of places to kick...times are very different now... The time to pay the piper has arrived... but, our politicians continue to lead us to a path of self destruction....
      As Morgan Stanley's Roach put it bluntly:
      "Make no mistake, we are not getting a major breakthrough in America's fiscal dilemma out of this deal. Talk about kicking the can down the road - this is probably the biggest can that's ever been kicked."

    • Ricky...what is your job that allows you to comment all day on yahoo msg boards?
      Do you work for a lobbyist firm?
      If you want to be taken as fair and honest, perhaps it would be helpful if we knew what you do!

    • >>>corporate welfare

      It's not corporate welfare. In a free market, insurance companies would simply drop the elderly from coverage or charge an amount so high (enough to cover the average expenses of their age cohort) the elderly couldn't afford to pay for it.

      Medicare does not subsidize insurance companies. Without Medicare, the elderly simply would not have medical insurance. It would not be profitable for insurance companies to provide insurance to the elderly, therefore they would not provide it.

      You need to understand that the government provides health care for the elderly because the private sector will not and can not provide health care for the elderly. The sick and the old are not profitable to insure, and insurance companies drop them as soon as they legally can. They have to do so in order to compete in competitive markets.

      So it is not that government is helping out insurance companies with Medicare. Left to their own devices, insurance companies will not provide insurance to the sick or the elderly regardless of the existence of Medicare.

    • No, Medicare was an amendment to the Social Security Act.

    • What you mistakenly refer to as the social security act of 1965 was actually the medicare bill.

      Now who's a shining example of the dumbing down of America?

      By the way if you are on medicare you can thank President Johnson for saving your life. I remember when seniors lost everything that they worked all of their lives for after just one hospital stay.

      Medicare is the entity most responsible for extending the lives of seniors in America.

    • "...Golf is simply the most fun you can have with your clothes on..."

      Then, why do some golfers throw their clubs...smash their clubs...moan and groan on a missed put or, a slice into the woods...?
      Hmmmmm...there must be a lot of masochistic players out there to call such self punishment fun...AND, they keep coming back for more! LOL

    • winholder, I thought that the point is that they are making so much money so they should no longer be receiving subsidies from the Federal government?

    • The Social Security Act of 1965 was signed into law on July 30, 1965, by the then President of United States, Lyndon B. Johnson as amendments to Social Security legislation.

      So, you can thank good old Lyndon and his Great Society plans for Medicare but yet you want to blame conservatives? I think you're right about the dumbing down of American and you're a shining example of their success.

    • If there is demand for your product or service and the customer base is willing to pay what you demand, how can you be making too much money?

      You charge what the market will bear until it tells you differently. If the demand decreases because of need, then you need a new or better product or service. If demand decreases because of price, you reduce prices and drive demand back to past levels.

      If the customer vase is willing to pay for what you offer you don't make TOO much money, you make what you earn and what the market will bear.

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