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  • heavypbx heavypbx Aug 9, 2011 11:58 AM Flag

    Rich need to contribute more!!!!

    I have been reading and listening to the liberal mantra about the rich not paying enough, tax breaks for the rich, the Bush tax cuts caused all of this, etc, etc.

    Can someone tell me just how much tax money does the government NEED from the rich to make the world right again?

    Is it one hundred million, one billion, 100 billion, a trillion?

    Someone seriously tell me HOW MUCH do the rich owe to right things.

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    • Well, I do know black magic accounting when I see it. See my previous posts regarding the treatment of Social Security loans.

      Sort of like having a $100K household budget and going over it spending $110K. No problem, I go to the bank and borrow $10K. Well, darned if I didn't make my budget!


    • dan, you wrote -
      "How does one eliminate the deficit and yet "still was a deficit" and how can one continually be lowering something that you state "was gone completely"?"

      Look at the web page which shows the amount of revenues the government received and the amount of outlays and also shows the amount of on-budget. In 1999 it showed a revenue that was higher than the outlay and on budget shows a number of 1.9. Prior to that year each year showed a lower amount of revenue than the amount of outlays and a minus number under on-budget. Then in 2000 it shows a higher number of revenue and a lower number of outlay again and under on-budget it shows 86.4 which is a plus instead of a minus again. In other words when you see a minus sign before the number listed on the on-budget column, that means there is a deficit. When you don't see a minus sign in front of the number listed in the on-budget column, that means that there is no deficit, as a matter of fact the number shows that there is a surplus. You do know that there is a difference between a deficit and debt, don't you?

    • Wow! Easy, do you read your messages, all of them, before you post a message? And do you read any part of the message that you post.

      I feel dizzy! That is enough reading of Easy posts.

    • Easy, if clinton solved all debt problems, then, why did he have to borrow from Social Security. if there was zero debt, then there is no need to borrow? Or is there? Seems like a piece of your puzzle is missing. Think it is the puzzle, might be something else.

    • Razzle Easy Fries can't. There is nothing good to say about Obama and what he has done and continues to do to this great country - along with his friends, harry, nancy, barney.......

      So Easy figures if she gets everyone focused on idiot issues that will make Obama look good. It won't! She doesPn't get that taxing the rich will happen without solving the issues facing us today. Just like Obama who blames the repubs and the world without taking personal responsibility. Personally, I don't mind paying more if we can get govt under control, that is one major issue controling govt, then create jobs, then fix the economy. Or economy, then jobs. Either works.

      Easy is so funny!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to read her posts!

    • You should look at Evergreen, in the foothills above Golden. Very beautiful. Colorado is a great place to live. Keep in mind that it snows in late Aug or early Sep through Apr/May.

      If you go there hope you enjoy it! Lived there a few years my self and loved it.

    • Pretty close. We just have to settle on an area.
      Boulder is nice but the university wasn't in session.
      With 30,000 kids attending, I am sure that it will lose some of its charm. The mountain views sure are terrific!

    • Hi Cisco,
      I hope your trip exceeded all expectations! Did family convince you Colorado is the place for you...after retirement?

    • Hey Razz. I see that you are still at it!

    • It would be a breath of fresh air if you would take a break from worshipping your about shelving them for at least a couple of days? Instead, perhaps, you could shed some light on solutions to our sinking economy?

      Although the "rich" could contribute more, try leaving them alone for a moment...taxing them just wouldn't be enough to solve our country's path to bankruptcy. AND, we don't need Greece to wake us up. Look what happened at Prichard, Alabama when government didn't live within its means.
      BTW, Stossel, in his TV presentations, keeps reminding us how irrational and greedy people spite of the looming doom...

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