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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Mar 17, 2012 2:40 AM Flag

    Moochelle should pay tax for her trips

    Americans have spent a great deal of money so Moochelle can take leisure trips with her friends around the world. It appears that since her husband became president she has won luxury trips to where ever she pleases. The cost of the trips should be treated as income and taxed at the appropriate marginal rate.

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    • Any time I leave my home office with the company car, I have to pay tax on the "benefit" of free commuting that I received from AT&T. I cannot take the company car on any personal business much less vacations.
      She should definetly pay a tax on the benefit she received from the "company" plane the same as the rest of us have to pay just for the benefit of taking the company car to work.

    • puks should leave the USA and take their guns with them!

    • Yahoo should create an "insert random email forward" button. It would make your work much more efficient. A two step process: 1) change ID, and 2) Insert random email forward.

    • And posting to the Yahoo ATT message board is the most efficient way to see that this is done. Tool.

    • did elivs pay his taxes?

    • She does pay for her lavish trips, but with our money. Let's take away Barry, & Mouchelle's Government issued Gas Cards in November. Let them live large on their dime, not ours. Careful, Barrack is really cranking up the reverb on his speeches of late. He is greatly hoping to return to the days of old, when many considered him a God. Here, to solve all of our problems. He has a record now, and many of us realize, he is the problem. Not many people, faint any more at his campaign speeches. What is causing people to faint now is the price of gas, this Socialist President has caused, with his anti-American, anti-capitalist, canned spiel. Drill, Baby Drill is the chant that should break out at his campaign stops. Stop Barry in November, before he destroys the World's Greatest Country.

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      • The golfer in chief and first moocher have always enjoyed lives of privlidge insulated from the struggles most middle class Americans experience. They are the 1 percenters the OWS hate but will vote for anyway, it will be a tuff battle to remove him from office with voter fraud, new black panther voter intimidation, and bribing street people and busing them to the polls. Americans need to show up in overwhelming numbers to counter this coruption and remove the most corupt president in history from office.

    • You make a interesting point. There is certainly no value to the American people for her lavish trips, they are totally for pleasure only. She has won the free trip jackpot which should be a taxable event.

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