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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Mar 23, 2012 12:09 AM Flag

    What doctors really think about Obamacare

    Obamacare video by Physicians. Physicians hate Obamacare.

    I'm a physician, Dr. Kris Held, and my whole life has been focused on the doctor-patient relationship, and we are under siege by the government takeover of medicine. So, after being betrayed by the AMA, physicians are coming together and we have spoken out, and we have come out with a response to the infamous granny ad from last year. And I hope you will please see it, particularly the four-minute video.

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    • >>>If they can pass a law that says we all have to buy something, they can surely pass a law that says you can't deny for preexisting conditions.

      Yep obamacare already provides for that it is called Sabelius and the death panel. In Obama's own words take the pill. Obamacare does not have a problem with murdering the unborn.

    • If they can pass a law that says we all have to buy something, they can surely pass a law that says you can't deny for preexisting conditions.

      They can pass a law that also says an insurance company can deny you coverage if you try to purchase insurance coverage after you find out your sick if you haven't had prior insurance coverage. They can also make it mandatory that the insurance company has to provide coverage but at a higher rate for those cheaters.

      There are a myriad of ways to improve the insurance and health care process without blowing the whole process up and starting with a new tax plan hidden inside and health care plan.

      They were too lazy and too interested in the political and financial advantage for them to work at it. It was a better political battle if they could spend their time making the other guy look bad so that is the route they choose instead.

      This is not about health care; it is about politics, political careers, and taxes.

    • From JD Klienke of the American Enterprise Institute (a conservative think tank), comes the best description yet of the ACA, albeit with a decidedly nihilistic tone.

    • >>>the rest of us believe in following the constitution.

      Really? Because I was describing you with my comment. Maybe the Constitution's genius lies in providing a mechanism for people like us to resolve disputes over its own interpretation. Maybe it didn't intend the tyranny of Thomas Jefferson's strict constructionism into perpetuity. Wise, no, since Jefferson didn't follow it himself when he was President?

      How about we let the Constitution--and the Supreme Court--do its job? It's a pretty good system.

    • >>>But you think we should ignore the Constitution and just go with what you think, eh?

      this is what BO and liberals believe, the rest of us believe in following the constitution.

    • Obama care isn't really about health care; it is about raising new taxes and revising the tax code without saying that it is really a tax bill, not a health care bill. He could never have raised taxes this much without hiding the fact that he was doing so.

      Out of the 20 new or higher taxes in Obamacare, there are five that fall most directly on seniors.
      The first is the excise tax penalty for failure to comply with Obamacare’s individual mandate. Many seniors face a coverage gap between retirement and Medicare eligibility. Obamacare raises taxes on these younger seniors by punishing them if they don’t purchase “qualifying health insurance.” Set to go into effect in 2014, the excise tax penalty for mandate non-compliance will in 2016 rise to 2.5% of adjusted gross income for a senior couple (or $1,390 for those making less than $55,600).
      Why does Obamacare raise taxes on seniors just as they are entering retirement? Many of these seniors will face this “stick” but find themselves with too much income to qualify for the “carrot” of tax credits to purchase Obamacare health insurance plans in an exchange. Many will be forced to keep working just to avoid paying this tax.
      The second tax hike on seniors is the so-called “Cadillac Plan” excise tax. Starting in 2018, Obamacare imposes a whopping 40% excise tax on high-cost (“Cadillac plan”) health insurance plans. This is defined for seniors as a plan whose premiums exceed $29,450 for a family plan, or $11,500 for a single senior. Seniors often face higher costs in health insurance premiums due to chronic health conditions and other risk factors. This tax will fall almost exclusively on the seniors with the greatest health insurance needs.
      Third is Obamacare’s dividends tax hike. Starting in 2013, the top tax rate on dividends is scheduled to rise from 15% today to 39.6%. In addition, Obamacare imposes a dividend “surtax” of 3.8% on families making more than $250,000 per year. That would create a top dividend tax rate of 43.4%, nearly triple today’s rate. This will fall very hard on seniors. According to the Tax Foundation’s analysis of IRS data, 70% of households over age 55 receive dividend income. Seventy-one percent of all dividends paid flow to these households. To raise taxes on dividends is to raise taxes on seniors.

      Then there’s the medical device excise tax. Obamacare imposes a new excise tax on medical device manufacturers in 2013. These companies will surely build the cost of this new tax into the price of what they sell. Who buys medical devices? Who buys pacemakers, wheelchairs and other costly medical devices? Seniors do.

      Finally, Obamacare reduces allowable medical itemized deductions. Under current law, medical itemizeddeductions can be claimed on tax returns, but they must be reduced by 7.5% of adjusted gross income. Obamacare increases this “haircut” to 10% of AGI in 2013. This will mean that millions of Americans claiming medical itemized deductions will no longer be able to. The same IRS data as above tells us that 60% of all tax filers claiming this deduction are over age 55.

      Read more:

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      • >>>younger seniors

        Younger seniors? Not old enough to get on Medicare but too old to work for a living? You'd think these people wouldn't complain about getting subsidized health insurance on a regulated exchange before the free stuff kicks in. Or maybe, like most boomers, they just want their stuff to be free? But not have to work or pay for it?

        I imagine the greater majority of these "younger seniors" will not end up paying the penalty.

        >>>Seniors often face higher costs in health insurance premiums due to chronic health conditions and other risk factors. This tax will fall almost exclusively on the seniors with the greatest health insurance needs.

        A. These cadillac plans are group plans (which means no individual pricing, based on age or otherwise) provided by Unions or to top-level executives.

        B. The ACA places severe restrictions on age-based pricing by insurance companies in the individual markets. Seniors in the individual market should see declines in premiums. That would be the "younger seniors".

        >>>That would create a top dividend tax rate of 43.4%

        BS. The 3.8% increase in dividends for those earning over $250,000 is correct. Up from 15% to 18.8%.

        I can also add that this is another reason winholder doesn't like statistics. You imply the 3.8% tax will affect the 70% of senior households who receive dividend payments. It will not. It will only affect those who make over $250,000 annually, and then only on the income over $250,000.

        Also, you forgot the Snooki tax.

    • Doctor Held, thanks for your informative post. This video is well done and exposes Obamacare for what it really is. It can also be seen at the following link. Let's hope the Supreme Court shoots down Obamacare entirely.

    • >>>Most Gay people I know are Republicans

      You probably know lots of gays and most likely identify yourself as being one. But statisics show by far gays identify with the democrat party which is supportive of their agenda and has political leaders who enjoy flaunting their gayness.

    • Most Gay people I know are Republicans. What really bothers me about Republicans is they don't practice what they preach. Conservatives they are not! The Bush administration had 6 years of a GOP controlled House, Senate and the Presidency. Result? A 3 trillion dollar surplus and left with an 8 trillion dollar deficit. Also not included in the deficit is 2 unfunded wars that the GOP did not include in the deficit.

    • Oh yeah, Physicians siding with Rush Limbaugh is like Lawyers siding with criminals. Rush is a big problem for America. Half truths is the same as a lie. Most Lawyers are like most Physicians, self greed is all they care about. Oh, politicians in the same group.

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      • >>>Physicians siding with Rush Limbaugh is like Lawyers siding with criminals

        You are an idiot. The physicians are siding with what is best for the their patients not with one side or another politically. You seem to be impling all doctors are right wingers and therefore must be evil. Next time you need a doctor remember what you believe and don't seek medical care and suffer the consequences. Try reading up on this law instead of being brainwashed by the liberal media.

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