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  • lavenderisin2 lavenderisin2 Mar 29, 2012 3:54 AM Flag

    What did Hispanics think of BO`s speech?


    When BO said Trayvon would look like his son if he had one, he seemed to imply that was why the case touched and interested him and why justice(vengence?) for Trayvon was so important to him?

    Was BO automatically showing his racial preference and did the mixed race Hispanics see it that way?

    Of course, many of the mixed race Hispanics in Florida are partly Black themselves and possibly Zimmerman has Black ancestry too. So it`s a confusing story that is being played out on the news media as an evil white racist story. Are the news liars getting by with it? I doubt in Florida they are.

    Anyone who lives in Florida, especially the Hispanics know this is not a white verses black story.

    And do Whites understand how this case was manipulated? Are they yet beginning to realize how they have falsely been made out to be evil racists by the news and media for decades, when in fact they were not?

    Btw, does anyone still think Zimmerman is White? Read what this New Black Panther says. If he`s right, Zimmerman doesn`t have any European blood in him.

    Can you imagine a White person saying these things about another race? They would be sitting in prison right now.

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    • LOL! You're right. Rupert Murdoch has plenty of journalists ready to hack voicemails and play undercover lobbyist in Britain. You'd think he could invest in some investigative journalism in Fox News here in the States. To cover the important issues like Obama's birth certificate and things Obama doesn't acknowledge.

      After all, if the largest media conglomerate and most watched cable news network in the country isn't the MSM, I don't know what is.

    • I dodn't think that Obama needs to acknowledge this incident. What I want to know is why when he does, its a big story and how big hearted and concerned he is, but when he doesn't the MSM ignores it.

      The MSM is far from being fair and balanced.


    • It's the same story from you guys. Why doesn't Obama/the MSM/ Congress/Whoever do or acknowledge this.

      The answer is you're a bunch of idiots (whether the NBPP or the birthers) and nobody cares what you think.

    • Whatever. Everything that is being done now in Washington is to calm the situation. Highlighting angry racists doesn't help. Acknowledging that you sympathize with the concerns of the dead boy's parents does.

    • There you go again with adding things to the conversation that weren't there until you added them.

      Where did I make any comments about his heritage? Where did I make any comments about the Tea Party? You sir are becoming the 'freak show'.

      Just like Obama can't defend his actions during his first term, you are having a hard time defending his as well.

    • No, as a matter of fact I don't think the President should make comments about local events like this, but he is the one that set the precedence for him to do so. Personally, in this case, at least until there has been a trial, he needs to shut up. But, if he is going to make a case for a gentler political and public rhetoric, he needs to call down the actions and words of people like the NBPP and Spike Lee, NYC’s resident racist.

      He jumped in the middle of the college professor and the tragedy in AZ. No one asked him to do so; he just felt we couldn't move forward without the benefit of his words of wisdom. He was wrong in both events. The college professor was wrong, the 'beer in the Rose Garden' was a joke of classic proportions, and he was wrong about AZ. It wasn't political rhetoric that drove that event; the shooter was/is insane.

      He can't pick and choose his spots when they do or don't include a black participant without being viewed as racist...not a good position as President.

    • Yes. That is why he ignores alot of things you birther types think are oh-so-important. Do you really think the President should "make a statement" every time some idiot does or says something idiotic?

      The focus should be the killing of Travon Martin and the possibility that his killer may get away with murder without ever having to bring his case before a grand jury.

      You Tea Partiers want to bring this down to your freakshow/sideshow level. I assure you Obama will not oblige.

    • The democrat party is filled with hatred and racism. The majority of democrats will vote based on skin color alone. Every member of the new black panthers is a proud democrat just ask any of them. The democrat party is not what it was in the days JFK. Anyone who loves America would not associate themselves with what the democrat party has become.

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