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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Apr 11, 2012 12:20 AM Flag

    working class VS working class drags us all down

    >>>I can assure you not all union members voted for Obama

    Unions endorsed obama and over 90% of members voted for him.

    >>>I can't understand why you are always complaining about Obama

    maybe you live in obamaworld insulated from reality

    millions have lost their jobs
    worst unemployemt since the depression
    gas prices at least double what they were pre obama
    deficit out of control
    home forclosures at record levels
    housing market colapse
    grocery prices sky rocketing
    racial tension fueled by obama
    corupt DOJ
    voter fraud
    trillion dollar stimulus to pay off obama cronies
    where are all the green jobs obama promised
    where are the shovel ready jobs obama promised
    did nothing to help Nashville flood victims
    did nothing to stop BP oil gulf oil contamination
    bows to islamic leaders
    embarassed to be an American and apologizes to the world.
    he is a liar
    ignores the constituion
    uses executive orders to bypass laws
    fast and furious

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    • ricky, I never said I was a big Obama supporter, I was simply pointing out how anyone that is rich should love him. I completely agree with you that the economy in this country for working americans has suffered severly with Obama in office. It is definitely in direct correlation to the dwindling private sector Union workforce. We are becoming more and more like China everyday where they don't allow Unions......

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