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  • robfisk robfisk Apr 25, 2012 7:54 PM Flag

    Barrack's Poll Numbers at a new Low

    It's not too late to lateral the ball to Hillary. Then you can say, it's time we had another first, the first Woman President. Let's take away the Obama's Vacation toys in November. I want to see how many vacation pals, Mouchelle will pay for out of her pocket. Let them Fly Coach!

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    • He doesn't need the little people any longer; he has all the rich Hollywood types, Wall Street paupers, and gay groups contributing to his campaign these days.

      Look out for a new rush of Wall Street workers and lobbyists into his new administration assuming we are collectively stupid enough to return his to Washington. When he doesn’t have another election to be concerned with, all bets are off, and he will run roughshod over the Constitution and the American people.

    • As we get closer to the election, Barrack's crowds are getting smaller, and smaller. I heard no clapping, at the last two speeches he made at liberal leaning schools. Maybe they know, women are paid substantially less in his own administration. I know Hillary could change this. It's a shame that she'll never be President. The only way, is if Barrack would step down, and give her the nomination. But he's way too selfish for that. Carvelle says he could throw power to Conservatives for the next 30 years. Thank You, Mr dog eating President.

    • ...

      "There are no Americans left in the cleaning crew, where I work."

      Just you, huh, rob?

      "I'd love to retire, and work part time. But, I can't leave. Why? There are no low skilled jobs left for retirees."

      ???????? WTF? You’re gonna’ retire from the cleaning crew to become a janitor??? Just how low ARE your skills, rob?

      Ya’ know, the trick is to not let yourself LOOK old – try using some Haitian Formula on your hair, ditch the ‘fro and stop saying "Dy-no-mite!" at your interviews.

      Hey, didn’t you tell us you moved from Jersey to Baltimore? Were you by any chance related to the tanning booth mom from Nutley? I see a striking similarity.

    • >>>I wouldn't know.

      It is a lie. There. Now you know.

    • “What do you call intentionally giving someone inaccurate information?"

      I wouldn't know because I don't do that.

      Not all data is accurate, I found that out throughout my business career, but that does not mean that all data is intentionally inaccurate; some people are simply not intelligent enough to get it right. Does that ring a bell?

      If data is provided that is intentionally inaccurate that is dishonest to be sure. Given that scenario what do you think of government data that is produced, published and then a few days later, revised? Have they not been doing this for a long enough period to get it right? You don’t suppose that a politician might publish bad data, or alter that data at a later date just to get a political edge or reduce the bad publicity do you? Nah, that could never happen. All bad data from the government must be like the EPS gentlemen’s comment, just misspoke, an error, he never really felt that way. They didn’t mean it, it was just a mistake.

      In my old line of business, if someone intentionally gave be bad data I usually fired them; do you suppose the government might use that tactic someday? Again, that’s a big nah!

    • >>>Again dumba$$, I never said they lied. I said the questions are written to achieve a predicted or desired result.

      In my business that's the same d*** thing. Either the data is accurate or its not. If you lack confidence in its accuracy, you report that and why. If it is intentionally inaccurate it is a lie.

      What do you call intentionally giving someone inaccurate information?

    • Again dumba$$, I never said they lied. I said the questions are written to achieve a predicted or desired result.

    • What do Gallup polls have to do with the government? According to you EVERYTHING is a lie. Academic Journals, news media, statistical agencies, universities, you name it. If the data doesn't flow your way politically, it's a lie.

      Your problem is you fail to distinguish. Nixon lies. Cheney lies. That's it. You have no license to generalize that to government, or American society as a whole. Unemployment figures, CBO analyses, and Gallup polls are just as accurate under Reagan and Bush as the are under Obama and Clinton.

      Right-wing pundits may have convinced you you live in the Soviet Union or China, but that is not true. Their very existence belies their claims. America is a great nation. Our government system is among the best, if not the best, in the world. Treat it and your country with a modicum of respect.

    • Nope, I am smart enough not to allow folks like Rush, Hannity, or politician paid for polls to infect my judgment of politicians or politics.

      As I have told you before, I on the odd occasion listen to Fox, mostly I watch HLN because I am mostly just interested in news, not politics when I watch TV. I seldom listen to Hannity because I think he is rude egomaniac and Rush is on during a time of the day when I have more important things to do. About the only political TV I watch is once in awhile when I need to good laugh I watch CSPAN. A few hours of that and you are forced into a gentle laugh at the way our government performs its daily duties or into a deep depression caused by the frustration.

      I don't however, like some who post here, live and die by what the government tells me and faithfully read and memorize the Democratic Party platform and taking points.

      I would expect that through some magic we could recover a few posts you submitted here or other places during the Bush administration, we would find you accusing the government of all sorts of lying, while using the same statistical resources your buddy Obama is using today. Like most liberals, fair is not fair when one treats both sides equally, only when you win or get what you want...then you call it compromise.

      Good try though.

    • rob, learn when to use commas.

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