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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Apr 30, 2012 11:54 PM Flag

    Obama selects Marxists campaign slogan

    The Obama campaign released its new campaign slogan Monday in a 7-minute video. The title card has simply the word "Forward"

    Forward" — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.
    The slogan "Forward!" reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

    The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications. Vladimir Lenin founded the publication "Vpered" (the Russian word for "forward") in 1905. Soviet propaganda film-maker Dziga Vertov made a documentary whose title is forward

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    • This is pro bono work. For the disadvantaged.

    • How much a click do you get for posting your crap?

    • Really? I cited "left wing news" as a source?

      I post links to US Government data. Is that a left wing source? What about What about the Heritage Foundation? Forbes Magazine? I have posted data from all of these sources in recent weeks. Good data is good data, regardless of the source. You have to look at the data that any story is based on and draw your own conclusions.

      What I get in response is links from overtly political sites that pretty much tell you they're lying in the titles, bylines and "about us" pages. Are you really going to trust John Hawkins, the "professional blogger" who runs Right Wing News to give you an unbiased opinion based on real data? I think we have debunked every one of those email-forward claims with hard data on this MB. The guys job is to get 10-cents a click from gullible, angry old people--AKA the Tea Party--who don't question, care about or look at the underlying data. They just want to hear something "conservative".

      What you people need to do is stop doing Google searches for any dime-a-click hack that posted something you support. Look at the hard data. Draw your own conclusions. Use what brain and free will God may or may not have provided you, and think for yourselves.

    • Yeah let's go back to the Bush jr. era. 3,600 Americans died and over 30,000 were wounded in Iraq. BECAUSE OF LIES. That UNFUNDED war will end up costing over a trillion dollars. I don't give a crap about the money, it's the lives lost and wounded that you supporters of the Republican agenda are responsible for. Elect Romney and we are at war with Iran. Unfunded of course.

    • ...

      "Obama or anyone else. I choose anyone else. Put their names in a jar and pick one, anyone!"

      You must be with The Republican National Committee...thanks for sharing this year's strategy. You may want to switch that cookie jar in 2016 to something child resistant. jm2¢

    • sdmiller4747 May 7, 2012 9:42 PM Flag

      It's either Obama or anyone else. I choose anyone else. Put their names in a jar and pick one,anyone!

    • Of course that's what it is. We're talking about net jobs created, so I posted a chart that shows job levels, not rates. The unemployment rate is an entirely different measure. As you can see from the chart, the number of private sector jobs has been rising in the past year, while the number of public sector jobs has been declining. That is the data that the original chart I posted is based on. Do you know the difference between a count and a rate?

      You have the audacity to claim the BLS is lying to you? And to insult me? You don't even know what we're talking about.

    • This link is titled 'Employees on nonfarm payrolls by industry sector and selected industry detail'

      It does not show what the unemployment level is; it shows the numbers of people on payrolls. It has no comparison to what it was three years ago, two years ago or any other measureable time frame.

      It does not show how many people that WERE employed on non-farm payrolls are no longer and how long they have been looking.

      You can post all the charts you want, you're a brain washed liberal that does exactly what you believe anything that a liberal politician tells you. You believe all that you hear in the news unless it comes from Fox, and then it must be a lie.

      You're as near brain dead when it comes to politics as one can get.

      Your opinion is your opinion. Your opinion simply because it is yours and you think everyone else that isn’t on your team is an idiot DOES NOT make it fact. Every chart published even by the government on the Internet is not always a FACT and tells the complete story.

      I listen to MSM newscasts; I read the newspaper daily along with several periodicals that discuss politics in this country from both sides of the issues. I haven’t even see Fox news for about a week. I don’t need one source. I don’t like one source of information because it gets slanted and twisted like your posts.

      It’s all mind over matter, I don’t mind and you don’t matter. If you understand all the issues and have all the solutions and know exactly what the government does, why are you not rich and famous or at least somewhere besides this board making a fool of yourself?

      Oh for crying out loud to be sure.

    • I agree, but it's customers, jobs, profits.

      First you have demand, then invest in labor and capital to make a product that meets the demand, and THEN comes revenue. If your revenue is higher than what you spent on labor and capital, you have a profit.

      This idea that if you just give rich people more & more money that they'll just create jobs for no reason is nonsensical. Profits come when you employ labor and capital to make a product for customers willing and able to pay for it. Not the other way around.

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