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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l May 17, 2012 11:18 PM Flag

    Obama is a awful example for children

    What kind of example is Obama for his own children and children of America. As a child he lead a life of wealth and privledge and abused drugs and alchohol as a teen. He lived on a island paradise, had everything handed to him and provided every possible opportunity. Most of us can only dream of these advantages and still Obama chose to abuse drugs

    "I kept playing basketball, attended classed sparingly, drank beer heavily, and tried drugs enthusiastically"

    "When I was a kid, I inhaled that was the point"

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    • "Considering the massive deficit spending that has underpinned the American economy for most of your life"

      Like I have said, I didn't create that massive deficit spending, Congress did. You're blaming the people that worked hard for their retirements instead of the people that have made that work less productive and profitable for everyone.

      Look back at history and see which political Party created most of those programs you now blame for your future demise...The Democrats.

      At this point it makes little difference which Party lead the way, they both have spent us down the tubes and continue to do so today. Congress, as currently populated does not have the guts or the fiscal intelligence to solve the problem. Obama and his cronies in the Democratic Congress say they want to save the country. They want to raise taxes. The problem is that they want to raise taxes so they can spend more. They don't want to and don't have a plan that would pay down some of the debt and reduce deficit spending. The saddest part is that neither do the Republicans.

      People like you that blame everything on one class of people in the past are just as prejudiced as any racial bigot you can find. You sat back and did nothing until it was out of hand just like everyone else did and now think you know where the silver bullets are being kept and the bad guys won't allow you to use them.

      You're wrong and you're selfish and ignorant of real live and are only worried about your future. You didn't worry about that when your parents were providing for you and while you were getting what education you have. Boomers are no more self centered than you.

      Congress and people like you that support them are the greates danger to our future.

    • Ricky, we intend on passing on our wealth to our children and grand children...if there is any left!

      Maybe that is why people are trying to protect their savings and benefits now.

    • >>>I paid for my retirement with a lot of hard work, savings, and investments. I am enjoying my retirement.

      I'm sure you are. Considering the massive deficit spending that has underpinned the American economy for most of your life, it would be hard not to. What your grandkids are going to do, instead of saving for that pleasant retirement, is pay down your debt.

      >>>Medicare and SS were not part of my retirement planning.

      Yet you're getting the checks, eh? Here's an economist's view on my chances of enjoying Medicare:

      By 2040, about the time I will retire if I'm lucky, a full 6% to 7% of GDP will be going to Medicare alone. The Trust Fund, which was supposed to prepare us for boomer retirement, will expire in 2024. Who do you think will be paying that 7%? You, with your hard work, savings and investments? The boomers, who are fighting tooth and nail to block any tax increases until they retire and, in fact, are demanding more tax cuts during their high income years?

      Nope. Your kids and grand kids will.

    • "Do republicans have no shame when they tell their lies?"

      I will ask you the same of the Democrats. They lie just as much and about as many issues.

      I was in fact raised by a Democratic favoring father who thought FDR was the best there ever was and influenced by several very Democratic Party supporting siblings. My father stopped voting for Democrats with Ike.

      I have voted for Democrats in local elections. I voted for Clinton the first time around. I learned better, they didn't.

    • I am older than the typical boomer of that generation. I paid for my retirement with a lot of hard work, savings, and investments. I am enjoying my retirement. Medicare and SS were not part of my retirement planning.

      Don't look now, but many of the people in Congress, those that actually passed all the spending laws you complain about, are made up of a large group of older than boomers and a pretty sizeable group of those younger than boomer age.

      The boomers walking around in our cities today didn't pass those laws, Congress with the assistance of lobbyists and their insane desires to be liked and reelected passed those laws.

      I keep telling you, as bad as Obama is, Bush was, Congress is the most significant danger to the future of this nation.

      As long as they are allowed to make their own rules, have little or no accountability for their actions and words, we are in a tight spot.

      Elections are frequent enough and too tied to the money to say that voters have any real control over forcing accountability on Congress.

      You don’t like the tax laws, you don't like Medicare or Social Security...well go talk to Congress, and especially those of the Great Society thinking that are giving away this country.

      And yes, you don't like old people and it comes out very pointedly in your writing, you're just too blind and egotistical to see it.

    • Yes, the Boomer generation ran up the debt, let our infrastructure crumble, rolled back our financial regulations to pre-Depression levels, constantly gave themselves tax cuts, constantly increased spending, promised themselves lavish retirements they didn't bother to pay for, and spent their entire lives fighting over the Vietnam war instead of improving this country for their children. And they're getting old.

      But that doesn't mean I dislike old people. I like old people. They just have to be a little older than the Boomers.

      What I want is for Boomers to pay for their stuff before they retire.

    • Forged birth certificates, civil wars, it's all birther nonsense. Only a nut differentiates between lunacy. You're all just nuts to me.

    • Classic Ricky tactic. When all else fails, he starts his innuendo crap.

    • You constantly complain about the Boomers and how they are breaking this country. They eat up too many of the entitlements you want to give to others, they run everyone’s health care costs up, they don’t pay enough taxes on their investments, etc.

      You don't complain about the waste in this administration, just old people. Ask Echo to go back and research your posts, maybe he can find examples for you. Oh I forgot, your alter ego doesn’t respond to you.

      You are funny, in a ha-ha way and a weird, sad way as well.

    • Less relevant does not mean irrelevant!

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