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  • splicerwannabe splicerwannabe Aug 2, 2012 8:01 AM Flag

    ATT retiree benefits

    Retirees....what are your thoughts on the company not having a healthcare plan in effect for retirees in 2014 and beyond? Are you happy with the large monthly premiums for 2013???? A 500% premium rise........

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    • get over it . u have have had it made. big pin.good retirement. there are alot of people out there that are on fixed income.paying alot more.they have a harder time than u. they payed for your good retirement. in hight cost of service that people like u setting on there #$%$ getting over paid .

    • hrod57 Nov 7, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

      I guess pending on your health situation you have to take a close look at your yearly contribution plus deductibles and go from there which plan works for you.....I guess if your yearly contribution is $3,200 add your deductibles what does it come out to be......If you are healthy consider what works for you....Now if you go with the alternate $0 yearly contribution what would you out of pocket max be....Full disclosure non-married retired young and in good health.....Hopefully I don't get hit by a car after posting this message.....

    • A follow-up on my original post......I retired from ATT- in Ohio.-2012. Our meeting w/ the union informed us that NOTHING is in place for our healthcare in 2014- the company and the union have agreed to "TALK" about it next fall (2013). How do you think that will go with the contract settled and signed????? Do you really think that any employees on the payroll will stand up for retirees? Not a chance. It's a my, me, world, But wait till they get to retirement age, (if they make it that far). My worst case worry is no benefits or premiums that are so high that your pension cannot cover them. Put your house and money in a trust, go to the hospital like 3/4 of the population, and pay $10 a month toward your will get the same care with insurance or no money..... Worked all those years and now they screw us.... cancel your u-verse, landline, and cell/dsl. Sign up with another company. Why support them when they don't live up to the promises of benefits???

    • It's the result of Obamacare you stupid liberals and union thugs voted for. Way more increases to come when you cast your vote for him again

    • lauterner Oct 24, 2012 5:25 AM Flag

      It's Obamacare not the company. I'm 71 years old and just found out that I have to pay a premium
      beginning next year. Can't jump very far with $780.-- pension. I guess by the time I'm 80 (hopefully
      I don't live that long) my few bucks on pension will be consumed by health care premiums.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • What retiree health plan? I'm on medi-care with a supplement I pay myself. AT@T does pay for my dental insureance. But, if I didn;t have dental insureance from U.C. my payments would be quite a bit.. You do know that "Obama-care" was written by insureance companies? Your so called "representatives" in Congress voted for it sight unseen. It's meant to drive your payments up. I have read where AARP stands to make one BILLION dollars from Obama-care. What other insurers will make is probably astronomic. Be sure and thank all the nice "liberals" that love you so much for handing the insureance companies billions.

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      • topekabill Oct 24, 2012 3:13 PM Flag

        Well I certainly hope you are incorrect with your information. Unfortunately, NON of us really know the details including the congress whom I agree probably voted on it without reading it either. Unfortunately either side on this one issue are being straight with us or at least I can't find the facts. It does sound like you may be watching the FOX news channel or listening to Rush for your information. If the Democrats had not caved to the way the Republicans wanted to do this premiums could have been low for all. I have to admit that I am afraid that a guarantee I can get medical coverage does me no good if I cannot afford it in my non working years. One thing is for sure, our Congress can't shoot straight. The whole idea was suppose to be to get the costs under control so people could afford it. I believe it should be improved upon with the focus on affordability for citizens foremost and not for whomever is paying off the Republicans and Democrats in Congress to vote with the healthcare industry that has inflated what it should cost for care or treatment that causes the premiums to be so ridiculous.

      • pcolafun Oct 23, 2012 1:09 PM Flag

        insurance companies extorted this from the administration in return for universal health care. they demanded that you have insurance. wonder why? we need the health care that civilized countries have but the medical mafia won't allow it. too many peopled getting rich off the sickness of others.

    • You mislead. yes, costs will be up, and shocking because at&t has had such great bennies. this is happening all over, and when they get medicare the cost go down.
      they will have a plan in the future. under obama.

    • rgbj3904 Oct 22, 2012 9:06 AM Flag

      $221. a month for couples....$75 a month for singles..? thats with no cross and no shield..(.bcbs ppo)...who does the math ??.benefit form 2 weeks ago sez vision care now available....latest info package sez no vision benefit..??? benefits office swamped today with calls....good luck....thanks ma... thanks cwa

    • This is the national trend. You don't like it, opt out.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • pcolafun Oct 23, 2012 6:06 AM Flag

        one day you'll retire, too, and want what was promised to you for your years of work. this benefit was a bargained form of compensation, a delayed payment, if you will.
        corporate america will not be satisfied until there are only two classes of people in this county: the very wealthy (built on the backs of the rest) and the very poor; no middle class. what you forget is the middle class is what keeps this country from anarchy...without a middle class, we got nothin' to lose.
        why don't you just opt out? the world would be better off without predators

      • topekabill Oct 22, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

        Well, guess your parachute is holding up fine big mouth. National trend or not does not make it right. Companies just taking advantage of working people as much as their unethical selves can. No wonder the younger folks don't have the dedication, pride and loyalty to do a good job for a company anymore when they use them and loose them and people like you dismiss the practice and overlook the moral aspects of what is right and wrong.

    • topekabill Oct 21, 2012 11:51 PM Flag

      No respect for the retirees it seems is the new policy and I guess our union is "not allowed" to bargain for us as I thought we did when I was working.

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