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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Aug 28, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    Obama standards will double car prices

    The Obama administration is set to announce new regulations that would force the average new cars and truck prices to nearly double.

    The rules, proposed by Obama would require new cars and trucks to average 54.5 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving by 2025, up from 28.6 miles at the end of 2011.

    Obama announced last year he will force automakers to raise fuel efficiency standards and at the same time lower the safety of autos through the use of lighter and less crash resistant materials.

    The changes will double new car prices but save fuel the government says.

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    • Strange is it not that we complain about vehicle prices, that will be more fuel efficient, kinder to our enviornment, loaded with new electronics, etc.

      Now lets compare that with your old telepone, and it's costs. Pretty damned cheap then were they not.

      Smartphones, ipads, and all the other things you can get in a phone, even GPS. ALL of these I might add have a different charger, bet you have 5 chargers. All different, yes. I do not hear many complaints regarding these costly time saving, and live saving items.

      Cars are part of our "American Heritage" we want to be independent, a horse would be cheaper, and more friendly to our environment. This is true even with the road apples.

      Of course to insure a horse if used daily, would be costley.
      So consider the cost of these cars part of your Freedom, you are free to buy them or not. Clint the Armies, swimming trainer in WWII, probably would take the horse. Actually the Chauffuer.

    • Lawyer designed cars are certain to cost at least double. Even the best hybrids don't get that kind of mileage. A well designed motorcycle with a side car might do it but even that would have to be a hybrid with regenerative braking system.

    • For all of you're complaining about gas prices, I would think you'd appreciate the CAFE standards. Not only will you use less gas, your Priuses will get cheaper as technology is developed, and the lowered demand for gas will put downward pressure on fuel prices.

      It's a win for everyone but the oil companies. They'll spend alot of money to convince you otherwise, but don't believe them.

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      • Pushing the automakers via the CAFE standards has led to increased mileage standards and performance in American autos; there is however a point of diminishing returns when you keep pushing them toward their breaking point. The increases are not infinite; there is a point when you reach the maximum available.

        I am pretty certain you don’t know where that point is and even more likely that most of the government employees insistent for more have less of an idea but yet they demand that they keep getting better.

    • It's Barry who can't produce a source. He gave Venezula BILLIONS to start drilling. That money is gone, and Chavez is getting friendly with the Chinese, and Russians. At least when a Sailor blows all his money, he has the memories that last a life time. Barry borrowed from the Chinese, to give our stimulus money to Venezula, to drill for oil, alright. But it's for the Chinese. Looks like the Chinese got over on that one. I say we take it out on Barry, and Mouchelle, and take away Air Force One, and all the grand vacations.

    • Lots of toe tapping going on in Tampa. Teabaggers and tappers are worthless.

    • "Obama standards will double car prices"

      The avg. amount of per car increase I saw reported this week was $3K.

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      • >>>The avg. amount of per car increase I saw reported this week was $3K.

        Did Obama direct government motors to provide that number to the liberal news outlets? Think about it there is no way it will only add 3k to the cost and still be comparable to the vehicles we drive today. the smallest Vespa would struggle to get 55 miles per gallon

      • ...
        "Obama standards will double car prices"

        "The avg. amount of per car increase I saw reported this week was $3K."

        Thank you for pointing out that fake ricky is, once again, lying. Although, on second thought, 3 grand might well double the price of the '85 Yugo he's currently driving. His original model didn’t come with an airbag, but that’s changed now that he’s married.

    • This is the real reason car sales are way up. Soon, that's all that will be available, cheaply made windups.

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