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  • minnflier minnflier Sep 1, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    European Social Programs & Ours

    Comparing health care in the United States to Obamacare, the European System

    and our Socialized Program.

    A person is in need of health care, and does not have any doctors, or may even be in another city. What do they do, go the the nearest emergency room of course. They get in to the streams of care, slowing that of others. They are given the care they need to stabilize, or remedy there needs. Well, without insurance,or money, we the people who have health insurance each get charged more so the hospital gets their money.

    In a non-socialized responsible system everyone would be have to carry insurance, just like driving a car. This would be the fair responsible solution. Instead we have an unfair Socialized one where the responsible are paying more, due to these free loaders.

    In Europe they pay higher taxes, higher cost of Petro, and get free healthcare, and education based on their abilities.

    All the people are better off, except for the Insurance Companies that used to screw you out of services you thought you were covered for.

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    • The insurance companies love Obamacare. Now there will be no uninsured, everyone will be a customer of health insurance. This should cut their marketing expenses and drive profits even higher.

      Why do you think they kicked in $150M to help him advertise it?

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      • Best, get educated on this also. Eighty percent of the premium, under the Affordable Healthcare Act has to go toward care for the insured. Leaving only twenty percent for advertizing, operating, and gigantic bonuses for the CEO's. This will cause them to operate more efficently, this helps them, and us.

        This is why already to date billions parts of premiums have been returned to the insured. Trouble is that the companies are not required to mention it is a result of Obamacare. Thus once again the ignorant may decide, to vote for the GOP, fearing not getting another rebate.

      • Yes, don't forget AARP. They have a mint invested in the re-election of Obama. They will make a ton off of seniors, once they really find out what Barry has done to medicare, in order to get illegal aliens health care. Barry's math just doesn't add up. How can you cut $800 BILLION from seniors, and not harm their healthcare. Heavy medication, pain pills will be their main treatment in Barry's 2nd term. I hope old folks don't fall for Barry's fuzzy math.

    • Christian what are you views on abortion and gay marriage the Obama supports?

    • With european socialized care, you will need to wait months to get the service you require and depending on the budget you may need to wait until the following year when the budget is renewed to receive care , the care is rationed depending on your age and productivity, you may not be eligible for care according to government tables depending on your age and other factors, like Obama likes to say take the pill to deal with pain because you are not getting life saving care your time is up. Ask your doctors what they think of Obamacare.

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      • This also is not true. I know many Canadians, German, and some Norweigian, still in contact with them when they were exchange students to our country. A form of triage is used, which means they are seen in the order of need.

        Actually with Obamacare this may be a problem in the beginning. That is why it is best to be phased in. It requires ten years to produce a doctor. At the end of that time most have a debt of nearly 200k dollars. Far too few becomes GP doctors, thus the PD program, and other solutions will be required as the numbers of American patients increase.

        Sad, but they too all want be like Romney, and make the most money, and it is not made being in general prcactice.

      • More right wing BS. You guys use the same old lying talking points, like Bishop Robme and Lyin Ryan.

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