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  • lavenderisin2 lavenderisin2 Sep 2, 2012 12:44 AM Flag

    Paul Ryan`s Black college sweetheart


    Paul Ryan`s college sweetheart was Black and one of his brothers is reportedly married to a Black woman(however I can`t find any information on that?).

    Romney and advisers had this information when they picked him. Did these interracial relationships help Ryan win the spot possibly?

    If so WHY? To appeal to non white voters? They won`t vote for Romney/Ryan regardless, besides many Black men do not like White men dating Black women.

    Will this ease White concern that Romney/Ryan are racists? LOL LOL LOL.

    What about all the southern women (and men) who find relationships like this repugnant and insulting? Especially the White WOMEN. Romney needs women`s votes(presumably white women) and he picks a fella whose college sweetheart(his first love?) was a BLACK WOMAN? I don`t know, is he gonna get a whole bunch more southern White women votes for picking Ryan? Or even midwesterners for that matter? laugh

    Romney and Ryan and gang take the Southern white(I`m talking about the real southerners not the transplants) vote for granted I suspect. This might make a lot of those

    Or maybe the Republicans really don`t care whether they win. Rather they see this race as chance to indoctrinate and educate(brainwash) their base as to how good White republicans should think and act. They knew the interracial Ryan family would become public knowledge. Maybe they see it as an opportunity to showcase Paul Ryan and his brother as ROLE MODELS FOR SUCCESSFUL WHITE REPUBLICAN MEN.

    A role model not necessarily good for the future of the White race, as the White birth rate is below replacement and Whites are now only around 7% of the world population. Meaning the White race will disappear if it continues on the current course. Therefore, why would they want to highlight interracial relationships such as this as role models possibly? They will simply further blend out and disappear the White race if they become common place .

    With Romney family`s missionary work in non white countries (just like the Jimmy Carter family`s peace corp work) and showcasing their Spanish speaking son who spoke mainly to hispanics, well there ya go, some more role modeling for successful White men.

    Jeb puke Bush and on and on and on, it really does seem like the Republicans may be teaching(indoctrinating) their White peon base on what is proper and correct - good decent White people should sacrifice today to save the country for its future NON WHITE MAJORITY, and do everything possible to serve and further the non White population today. The heck with their own elimination from American society, good entitled(NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN) White people should be selfless and sacrificing to all other races.

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