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  • ls3487 ls3487 Sep 4, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

    The Socialist Party endorses President Obama

    Obama has Marxist/Socialist Ideologues. He is determined to make our country a 3rd world country.When he was elected he did not concentrate on the economy or jobs.Instead we got socialized medicine which will go broke. Debt is 16 trillion and and counting.

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    • How come there is no debt clock at the Dem Convention? I propose they immediately have one installed. Take that back, give them two clocks. One showing the debt, and the other the projected costs to America, of the very expensive plan, they are hawking that moment. When they talk about making all the illegals citizens, the cost to makers, by all those takers, will make that baby spin like never before. The diodes would melt, and then the could save the cost of using their very expensive smoke/fog machine to set the tone. Yes, everything you see here tonight is all smoke and mirrors.

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    • Mouchelle is clearly worried. She has a lot of vacations planned for herself, and a plane load of friends. This girl is going to be bummed out come November 6th. Then we can officially call her Mouchelle Obummer.

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