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  • t.bfine t.bfine Oct 5, 2012 10:07 AM Flag

    Is this our October surprise?

    "I wonder if there is a possibility these numbers will be revised sometime in the near future?"

    It's always a matter of timing, isn't it?

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    • Where were the complaints about a lying BLS all summer?

      You people are so transparent. You take any fact that doesn't support your partisan bent as a lie, and any lie that does as truth. You don't even care which is which.

      What's next? You elect people who actively TRY to make America fail if your party can't take credit. Oh wait. . .

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      • I can always tell when you have a bad week.

      • Well Ricky when you are right you are right, this drastic reduction in the unemployment rate is a direct result of the economic policies of the current occupier of the white house and his party.

        But here are a couple of stats that you will never see reported:

        o In January of 2008 the CES employment statistics peaked at 138,023,000 people employed
        o In November of 2007 the CPS employment statistics peaked at 146,595,000 people employed
        o With today's numbers the current CES is 133,500,000, and the current CPS is 142,974,000

        I know this won't alter your world view, but I will do the math for you anyway:

        o According to the CES employer survey 4,523,000 jobs have been lost since January of 2008, and
        o According to the CPS household survey 3,621,000 jobs have been lost since November of 2007

        Just two examples of how well the economic policies of the current occupier of the white house and his party are working.

        Again Ricky, when you are right you are right.

        Note: These numbers are also from the BLS

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