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  • froggnot froggnot Oct 5, 2012 9:12 AM Flag

    Is this our October surprise?

    Wow! I guess recovery summer has finally started:

    Well Romney has no chance now, because the American people won't be able to remember the last 43 months.

    I wonder if there is a possibility these numbers will be revised sometime in the near future?


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    • Obama Cooking the Books on Jobs. Jack Welch former GE boss described the new unemployment rate as cooked up by the Obama administration. Unbelievable jobs numbers ... these Chicago guys will do anything ... can't debate so change numbers," Welch said

    • ricky18201 Oct 5, 2012 3:09 PM Flag

      A fourth-grade teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living.

      All the typical answers came up - fireman, mechanic, businessman, salesman... and so forth.

      However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically quiet, so when the teacher prodded him about his father, he replied, "My father's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all his clothes to music in front of other men and they put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home with some guy and stay with him all night for money."

      The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and took little Justin aside."Is that really true about your father?"

      "No," the boy said,

      "He works for the Democratic National Committee and is helping to get Obama re-elected, but it's too embarrassing to say that in front of the other kids."

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      • Froggie, couple of points:

        You change your tune more than Romney. Which Frog I am talking to this afternoon? It is not the one from the previous two posts.

        Not the one who called the BLS report an "October Surprise" and sardonically mentioned they may be revised.

        Not the one who thinks job losses and gains as reported by the BLS are worth talking about.

        Nope. Now I'm talking to the one who thinks population growth is what we should look at.

        I'm through with you. Weren't you going to go live the freedom-loving capitalist dream in China? What are you waiting for? Or did that tune change too? At this rate, etch-a-sketch sales alone probably account for the good job numbers. . .

    • If you believe anything coming from this administration you are lacking a lot of gray matter. And, don't pay any attention to the rhetoric coming from Romney. He's tied in with the same group of shylocks that the Kenyan is in bed with. Check the "Council On Foreign Relations" and it's membership roll. For instance, both John Kerry and George Bush are members. Read why the organization was set up in 1923. You may learn something about those that push the NWO and their end game. They control BOTH parties.

    • "I wonder if there is a possibility these numbers will be revised sometime in the near future?"

      It's always a matter of timing, isn't it?

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