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  • art_bell51 art_bell51 Oct 15, 2012 11:05 PM Flag

    Hillary flees country admits responsibility for Libya attack

    From Lima Peru Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took responsibility Monday night for any security failures leading up to the consulate attack last month in Libya that killed an the American ambassador. Why did Hillary go to Lima to admit this she could have made this statement in America a long time ago?

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    • Who started the video rumor? No one in the intelligence community has made this claim. The BO admin made it up no one ever told the BO admin the video was the cause of the attack. Americans are not stupid and knew it was a lied to begin with. Americans want the truth and BO and Hillary are responsible BO does not get a pass on this no matter what Hillary says.

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      • The video had caused riots at the American embassy in Egypt earlier in the day, and the rioters had breached the walls there. The two attacks were conflated in reports. No one was lying to you. It was a confusing situation. The administration launched an investigation which turned up the very things you are discussing now.

        If you are upset about security being slashed at embassies, you should look at the fact that Republicans have repeatedly slashed the State Department's security budget over the last several years. You want stuff, like embassy security, you pay for it. If you don't want to pay for it, then don't complain when things go bad. You got what you paid for.

    • If this is the worst thing that happens under Obama's watch, and it is, I think we can deal with it. How many people died affecting regime change in Iraq? How many people will Romney get killed affecting regime change in Syria or Iran?

      You can't expect even Obama to bat 1.000. But you can expect Romney to really, really mess things up and potentially get a lot of our finest killed.

      Heck, he couldn't even get a trip to England right.

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      • "You can't expect even Obama to bat 1.000"

        He hasn't done anything at all wrong with this story, obviously the right wants to divert the story away from romney's huge mistakes and shady dealings financially.

        Many many diplomats and others have been killed under many many President's watches, and I don't believe you would find any true American blaming the President of the United States. Can you imagine how Obama would be blamed if 9/11 occurred on his watch? OMG it would never end.

        Then there is the issue of cutting embassy spending, voted for by the tea party. They want to cut it much more, decimate it. This election is crucial that Obama be re elected.

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    • Hillary Clinton in 2008: 'The Buck Stops in the Oval Office'

      Hillary sure changed her tune and is taking the fall for BO, The BO admin is a joke and think Americans are so stupid we don't realize or care what really happened in Libya. What kind of girly man is BO hiding behind Hillary. Move over Bill and make room for BO to hide behind Hillary, fortunately for them there is plenty of room back there.

    • You are now minding the travel business of the US Secretary of State? You must be very important and we are lucky you take the time from your importance to post here.

      Anything is better than being a polygamist believing, non military serving, Mormaon and fleeing to France to dodge the Vietnam draft.

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    • Well, since the cat is out of the bag, this President needed someone in his administration to take responsibility before today's debate.

    • Did Bush take responsibility for the worst intelligence failure in this country's history (9/11)? NO!!!

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      • If Bill Clinton would have done his job America would have avoided 911 and 2 wars. The Clinton's are disgusting pitiful people much like BO

      • Was it a failure? Or was it a deliberate "failure". Bushies buddies in "Project for the new American century (PNAC) called for a "Pearl Harbor type event" so they could go to war in the mid-east. We got it and many intelligence analysts have stated that they knew it was coming. Romney has surrounded himself with the same gang. People like Richard Perle and his ilk. Liver Lips has many of that same type whispering in his ears too. Such as Hillary

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