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  • onebellplaza onebellplaza Oct 22, 2012 2:33 PM Flag

    Obama's carbon tax plan*

    You have heard the bro say he is not raising taxes on the middle class 1 single dime. So he plans to put a carbon tax on power companies and sock it to them to collect hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes . FORWARD..........F Gump / obama HQ

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    • Hundreds of billions.!!!!
      How did you get so dumb?

    • "hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes" ?????? Gosh , if he has another couple of ideas like that he can balance the budget.
      How much would my electric bill have to go up before it generates "hundreds of billions"? Don't you idiots ever check your math or the facts?

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      • In Obama's mind if he is not collecting money directly from wage earners, it is not a tax. If it is being collected from a business that will pass the tax onto their consumers, doctors and insurance carriers raising their rates because of his health care, etc., he did not raise taxes.

        He is a supporter of typical Democrat principles; tax more so we can spend more on buying votes of those that normally don't even bother, but will if they fear they are losing their government check.

        It is a pretty simple premise and an old adage, but the government can't give to some if they aren't taking from others. When you pay money to the government and get nothing in return, like infrastructure, safety, and protection from foreign invaders that means they are simply giving it away. Obama is really good and that and wants to get even better.

        He is a master of the art of deflection and deception.

      • I only report what obama says .........and he says it will reduce the budget deficit by 1/2 in 10 years.

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